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At OnlineMastersDegrees.org, we know going to grad school is a big decision. Prospective students want to make sure they choose a master’s program that gives them the best chance to get ahead in their careers – one that combines affordability, academic quality, and study flexibility. 

Our user-friendly, research-backed content helps students find accredited online master’s degrees that meet these high standards and can help them achieve their career goals, whether that’s to earn more and move up the ladder in their current field or switch to a different one entirely. 

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What We Deliver

Online Master’s Degree Rankings

Our college rankings cover over 100 master’s subjects and give students a simple, straightforward way to see which online programs are worthy of further consideration. To ensure our rankings are completely impartial, we rank schools using the latest self-reported data schools provide to the U.S. Department of Education.

Financial Aid Guidance

Cost should never come between a student and their desire to earn a master’s degree. While grad school can seem expensive at first, online learning has driven prices down considerably and there are many tools and programs students can take advantage of to further lower tuition. Our financial aid and scholarship guidebooks help students get the funding they need to make grad school as affordable as possible and keep their career goals within reach. 

Grad Student Resources

Going back to earn your master’s can be a bit of a rude awakening, especially for students who have been out of school for more than a few years. We’re here to help. Our grad student support resources give students everything they need to succeed, from comprehensive admissions exam guides to helpful tricks for adjusting to online learning. 

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