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Top-Ranked Online Master’s Programs in Kansas (KS)

Author: OMD Staff

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With its rich agricultural history and growing industries, KS attracts students eager to align their careers with the pulse of its burgeoning economy. The demand for advanced skills in the state is on the rise, compelling professionals to seek online master’s degrees in Kansas that meet the economy’s evolving occupational needs.

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Whether nestled in the city lights of Wichita or the serene landscapes of Lawrence, Kansans recognize that an online master’s degree isn’t just a path to personal development but a strategic move in shaping the state’s future workforce. If you’re ready to explore Kansas’ many opportunities, this guide is your compass to navigate the landscape of online master’s programs.

Three outstanding universities, each offering a variety of high-quality master’s programs tailored to different needs and preferences, are featured in this guide. Read on to explore the possibilities for online master’s degrees in KS.

2024’s Best Online Master’s Degree Programs in Kansas

With programs spanning various disciplines, several major universities in Kansas provide a robust selection of online master’s degrees. Online learning in KS is designed for flexibility, accommodating both full-time professionals and recent graduates. Students often engage in asynchronous classes, allowing them to access lectures and coursework at their convenience. This adaptability is particularly beneficial for those juggling work, family, and academic commitments.

Curriculum structures vary with some programs offering fully online options and others integrating in-person components for practical experiences or networking opportunities. On-campus visits, though not a universal requirement, might be necessary for specific courses or collaborative projects as part of a blended/hybrid approach to learning.

To help you navigate the best online master’s degrees in KS, three top universities in Kansas are spotlighted in this section. These institutions, each unique in their offerings, showcase a commitment to quality education with flexible study options and reasonable costs and serve as valuable benchmarks for prospective students exploring their master’s degree options in Kansas.

University of Kansas

The University of Kansas (KY) is one of the top graduate schools for master’s degrees in Kansas. KU stands as a reputable institution offering a diverse array of master’s programs. With a commitment to academic excellence, KU provides an extensive range of graduate programs, and many are available online. Competitive tuition rates ensure accessibility for aspiring scholars from every background.

Financial aid opportunities and scholarships are readily available for graduate students to ease the financial burden of higher education. KU’s top-notch student support programs foster a supportive learning environment and enhance the overall educational experience. KU’s online master’s programs offer flexible study plans that align with your career goals as a busy professional or full-time student.

Kansas State University

Kansas State University’s (KSU) online degree programs emerge as a prominent choice for those seeking online master’s programs in Kansas. Renowned for its commitment to academic rigor, KSU offers a variety of master’s degrees tailored to meet the needs of diverse learners. The university’s affordable tuition makes quality education accessible, and financial aid options further enhance the affordability of graduate studies.

KSU stands out for its online/hybrid master’s degree programs that allow students to balance academic pursuits with other commitments. The university’s comprehensive student support services, including career counseling and networking opportunities, contribute to a holistic educational experience.

Wichita State University

Wichita State University (WSU) distinguishes itself in online master’s education in Kansas with its commitment to providing flexible and accessible learning opportunities. WSU offers a range of online master’s degree programs designed to accommodate various career paths both full-time and part-time.

The university’s competitive tuition rates and financial aid options contribute to making graduate education affordable. WSU’s emphasis on strong student support, including academic advising and career services, ensures students receive the guidance they need for success. WSU’s online master’s programs offer an educational environment that aligns with your professional aspirations.

Explore Your Options: Different Online Master’s Programs in KS

A wide range of online master’s degrees in Kansas cater to full-time, part-time, and accelerated learners. Whether you prefer a traditional or an expedited pace, Kansas’ online master’s programs offer flexibility without compromising academic quality. Explore full-time, part-time, no-GRE, and accelerated options below to help you find the perfect fit for your academic and career goals.

Full-time Online Master’s Programs in Kansas

Kansas offers exceptional full-time online master’s degrees like the Business Administration program at The University of Kansas and the Criminal Justice program at Wichita State University. These programs provide immersive learning experiences with comprehensive curricula that prepare students for success in fields from technology to nursing. Explore the details of each full-time graduate program in your field to find the one that aligns perfectly with your academic and career aspirations.

Part-time Online Master’s Programs in Kansas

For those balancing work and education, part-time online master’s programs like the Computer Science program at Kansas State University and the Sports Management degree program at Baker University offer flexibility without compromising academic rigor. Tailor your academic journey to fit your schedule and unlock new possibilities for career and salary advancement.

No-GRE Online Master’s Programs in Kansas

Elevate your education without having to pass the GRE requirement through No-GRE online master’s programs in Kansas. Programs like the Master of Science in Special Education at Baker University and the MS in Digital and Integrated Marketing Communications at The University of Kansas prioritize a work experience approach to admissions and focus on your potential and passion rather than a test score.

Accelerated Online Master’s Programs in Kansas

Fast-track your career with accelerated online master’s programs like the MS in Information Technology at Emporia State University and several accelerated master’s degree options at The University of Kansas. Designed for efficient completion without compromising educational quality, these programs offer a swift path to your master’s degree and career advancement. There are even 1-year online master’s programs available for the super-ambitious student with the time to dedicate to getting a master’s as quickly as possible.

Business Administration

Get started on a transformative educational journey with an online master’s in business administration (MBA). Designed for aspiring leaders, online MBA programs equip students with strategic skills vital for success in the corporate world. In-demand and popular in Kansas, this degree opens doors to diverse career opportunities.

Quality Examples of Online MBA Programs

Computer Science

Delve into the world of technology with an online master’s in computer science. Ideal for tech enthusiasts, these online master’s degrees provide advanced skills crucial for thriving in the digital era. In KS, the demand for tech professionals makes this degree both relevant and sought after for those seeking career advancement in their field.

Quality Examples of Online Computer Science Programs

Social Work

Make a positive impact on society through an online master’s in social work (MSW). Geared for those passionate about social change, these online master’s degrees equip students with the knowledge and skills to make a difference in their communities. In Kansas, where community engagement is valued, these degrees are both meaningful and in demand.

Quality Examples of Online MSW Programs

Healthcare Management

Advance your healthcare career with an online master’s in healthcare management in Kansas. Tailored for healthcare professionals, these programs offer specialized knowledge and leadership skills. In a state where the healthcare sector is evolving, these degrees are not only relevant but also contribute to improved patient care.

Quality Examples of Online Healthcare Management Programs

Fine Arts

Ignite your creativity with an online master of fine arts (MFA) degree in Kansas. Designed for art enthusiasts, these programs foster creative innovation and self-expression. In a state that values creativity and entertainment, these degrees offer exciting career pathways for those with artistic passions.

Quality Examples of Online MFA Programs

How Much Does an Online Master’s Degree Cost in Kansas?

Before embarking on your master’s journey in Kansas, understanding the financial commitment is crucial. Explore the total costs of earning a master’s degree, plan your finances, and uncover available financial aid options below. You’ll find data on three top programs, including the number of credits, cost per credit, and estimated total tuition cost.

School Name No. of Credits Cost/Credit Est. Tuition Cost










Kansas Graduate Program Funding Options

Discover financial aid opportunities for master’s students in Kansas to ease the financial burden of your degree. Scholarships, grants, fellowships, work-study programs, and graduate assistantships are essential resources for keeping advanced education affordable.

Some of the best examples include Fort Hays State University’s scholarship program, Kansas State University’s fellowship opportunities, and Wichita State University’s work-study initiatives. Explore these financial aid avenues to make your master’s degree more affordable. Also check out the State of Kansas Financial Aid Portal for comprehensive information on available funding options across the state.

Best Careers for Master’s Degree Holders in KS

Unlock lucrative career paths based on your passions and interests with a master’s degree in Kansas. Elevate your earning potential and career prospects by exploring opportunities in high-demand fields that align with your aspirations.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, master’s degree holders in Kansas often experience a significant pay bump compared to those with bachelor’s degrees. Below, you’ll find potential careers, their median annual pay in Kansas, national job outlook, and related master’s degrees to give you an idea of what to expect.

Anthropologist or Archeologist

A master’s in anthropology prepares you for success as an anthropologist or archeologist, delving into studying human societies and cultures. Gain expertise in research, analysis, and cultural preservation, positioning yourself for impactful roles in the preservation and understanding of our past.

KS Median Annual Pay National Job Outlook Related Master’s Degree
$64,155 4% MS in Anthropology

Source: Salary.com, 2023; Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2022


A master’s in archival studies equips you with the skills to manage, preserve, and organize historical records. As an archivist, you play a crucial role in maintaining and providing access to valuable information, contributing to the documentation of our shared cultural heritage. Kansas hosts many museums and universities that need knowledgeable archivists and historians.

KS Median Annual Pay National Job Outlook Related Master’s Degree
$25,210 3.2% MS in Archival Studies, History, or Library Science

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2022

Art, Drama, or Music Teacher: Postsecondary

A master’s in fine arts prepares you to inspire the next generation of artists, musicians, and dramatists. With advanced artistic skills and instructional knowledge, you’ll shape the creative minds of the future through teaching.

KS Median Annual Pay National Job Outlook Related Master’s Degree
$58,250 0.9% MFA in Fine Arts

Source: Projections Central, 2020-2030; Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2022


An MS in museum studies lays the foundation for a curatorial career. Learn the art of collection management, exhibition design, and cultural interpretation to guide museums in presenting captivating narratives to the public as a curator.

KS Median Annual Pay National Job Outlook Related Master’s Degree
$53,930 1.6% MS in Museum Studies

Source: Projections Central, 2020-2030; Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2022


An MS in economics empowers you with analytical and quantitative skills to navigate economic complexities. As an economist, you’ll analyze data, evaluate trends, and provide insights that influence strategic decision-making in various societal sectors.

KS Median Annual Pay National Job Outlook Related Master’s Degree
$100,090 5.3% MS in Economics

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2022