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2024’s Best Graduate Schools: Online Master’s Programs in Oregon (OR)

Yearning for the thrill of advancing your career with a master’s degree without leaving the comfort of home? You’re in the right place for information on top-rated online master’s programs, careers, salary potential, and more.

Author: Emily Towns

Editor: Staff Editor

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You might be a new graduate considering an academic leap or maybe a working professional hoping to supersize that career ladder. Either way, opportunities abound in the beautiful Beaver State for the nearly 15.2% of annual graduates with master’s degrees. The percentage has a lot of room for growth with the availability of online master’s programs in Oregon. This guide unravels this academic secret weapon and shows how it can catapult your ambitions in Oregon and beyond.

Oregon’s Top-Rated Online Master’s Programs

Going virtual with a master’s degree in beautiful Oregon is not only possible but also super convenient. Imagine learning on your terms from the cozy ambiance of your home or that café downtown. The reputable universities of the Beaver State offer high-quality programs when it comes to distance learning. In 2021 alone, a whopping 1,815 master’s degrees were achieved online at Oregon universities.

Most online master’s programs in Oregon offer asynchronous classes, too, meaning you can be an owl or a lark — your call! What about in-person attendance? Some programs require occasional campus visits for labs or workshops, so prep yourself for some required face-to-face sessions amidst the many that rendezvous digitally. While the multi-faceted world of online study comes with some quirks and hiccups, from tech glitches to time management challenges, it’s smooth sailing once you find your groove.

Although ‘best’ remains a subjective term, the colleges spotlighted below are among the top with their quality programs turning heads left, right, and center. They offer flexible schedules and make your wallet breathe easy with reasonable costs. Use these three universities as your starting point for research with their quality standards, flexibility, and fee structures.

Oregon State University (OSU)

Logo of Oregon State University featuring a knight's helmet in monochromatic tones alongside stylized red and gray text spelling out "Oregon State University.

Imagine sifting through various graduate degrees all at your fingertips; that’s what Oregon State University’s Ecampus serves up. They aren’t kidding when they claim diversity in programming with 21 interesting graduate degrees and over 1,750 online classes. The cherry on top is the price tag with graduate programs costing $560 to $868 per credit.

You’ll also be blown away by their student support game that includes success coaching and round-the-clock library help right there on your screen. Additionally, their Ecampus Career Hub removes career jitters by helping you kick off your professional journey from the comfort of your home.

Portland State University (PSU)

Portland State University is more than just another name in Oregon’s educational landscape. It’s an academy bustling with over a hundred master’s degrees. Ever thought about grad certificates? They’ve got 48. If that isn’t impressive enough, add 20 doctoral offerings and a whopping 38 online grad programs into the mix.

Transparent tuition fees won’t worry you here, either, with a meager $656 per credit for in-state students in the Graduate Business Program with access to scholarships and financial aid. Student life at PSU is quite vibrant, too, and beyond what you may expect from a sleepy small town. There are dynamic services like the Career Center for job gurus, the International Student Services making non-natives feel right at home, and a fantastic Writing Center that’ll put some serious polish on your papers.

Southern Oregon University (SOU)

Picture being nestled in the culturally rich landscape of Southern Oregon University and surrounded by over 5,000 brainiacs like yourself. Inside these virtual halls, you’ll experience the intertwined dance of intellectual growth and celebrated diversity while sticking to the path of sustainability. With a tempting price tag on credits as low as $450 each and an armload of scholarships to boot, credentials here are almost like getting brains at bargain prices.

Life at SOU is more than cramming facts, though. You get to savor every slice of an extracurricular lifestyle that features concerts, outdoor shindigs, and Raider Athletics fan clubs. Your well-being hasn’t been left to chance, either. SOU has your back with wellness centers and advising offices ready for those school-related meltdowns.

Take Your Pick: Online Master’s Programs Offered in Oregon

Whether you’re gunning to crush it full-time or looking to balance the study/work seesaw, online graduate programs in Oregon have you covered. You have a myriad of options spanning from full-time intensive programs to nifty part-timers for those playing catch between career and family commitments to the sweet relief of no-GRE programs and right up to lightning-fast accelerated versions. All are custom-built for your academic success story! Buckle in to explore this exciting universe encompassing your higher education dreams with details on online program types below.

Full-Time Online Master’s Programs in Oregon

Are you an eager beaver looking to dive headfirst into learning? Full-time online programs are your jam. There are several stellar examples of full-timers out there. Take, for example, the Geography and Geospatial Science MS through Oregon State University’s Ecampus. This isn’t your typical yawner of a program. Imagine a world where geography meets high-tech geospatial magic. Another example in the mix is the University of Oregon’s Online Master in Psychology where you’ll not just learn about the intricate dances of the human mind but also how to make waves in communities using that noggin of yours.

Part-Time Online Master’s Programs in Oregon

Does life’s chaos have you bouncing around? Don’t sweat it! Part-time online programs give you the space you need for both school and life. For example, have you ever considered the world of social work? Dive into the Social Work Master’s Degree at Portland State University. Whether you’re in a bustling city or your cozy nook at home, this program molds around your vibes.

If business is more your scene, consider the flexible Master of Business Administration at SOU. Not only does it churn out business wizards, but the faculty features legit industry rockstars. From finance to marketing and even some slick leadership skills, this online master’s degree in Oregon packs a variety of knowledge and skills.

No-GRE Online Master’s Programs in Oregon

Tired of seeing that GRE requirement when applying for online master’s programs in Oregon? A no-GRE program means you can get into some of Oregon’s slickest master’s programs without breaking a sweat over that test. Take Oregon State University, for instance. They’re cool enough to skip the GRE stress for their online CEPH-accredited Master of Public Health. Portland State University has also made the requirement vanish, at least until Fall 2024, for its Master of Science in Global Supply Chain Management.

Accelerated Online Master’s Programs in Oregon

Ever heard of accelerated online graduate programs in Oregon? What about 1-year online master’s programs? They’re like your regular master’s but on a jetpack. Instead of spending ages to get that degree, you zoom through at warp speed. For those who can’t wait to hit the ground running, Oregon’s got some stellar options.

For starters, Oregon State University is serving up an accelerated Master of Natural Resources 45 credit program where you’ll weave through challenges, finding workable solutions, and juggling interests like a pro. Think of it as nature but with a dash of tech. Then there’s Warner Pacific University rolling out the red carpet for its Accelerated Master of Education program. Whether you’re a teacher looking to level up or aiming for that gold star in endorsements, WPU’s program gets you prepped in 18 months to two years.

Online Graduate Degrees Available in OR

Master of Education (MEd)

Dream of molding young minds? An online master’s in education is designed for experienced teachers and aspiring educators alike. It’s gaining popularity among students who seek to hone their didactic skills, stay updated with educational modifications, and earn administrative roles.

Quality Examples of Online MEd Programs

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Aspiring industry leaders and entrepreneurial spirits will click with an online business master’s degree from an Oregon school. Rising interest signals a thirst for strategic innovation prowess among budding magnates and seasoned execs. This degree is hot on the list considering Oregon’s burgeoning corporate scene.

Quality Examples of Online MBA Programs

MS in Engineering

Engineering aficionados can open doors to niche specializations like geographic information systems with an online engineering master’s from a school in Oregon. High-tech job opportunities in the Beaver State make it a hit choice for tech wizards.

Quality Examples of Online Engineering Programs


Healthcare-related professionals might be interested in deep-diving into human behaviors or robust patient care through specialized healthcare programs, like online master’s in nursing programs. These top-tier healthcare degrees are offered by various universities in wellness-focused Oregon, which contributes to its demand for healthcare workers.

Quality Examples of Online Healthcare Programs

Master of Criminal Justice

Online master’s in criminal justice programs offered by Oregon schools are perfect for those passionate about making impactful changes. These programs are receiving increased interest due to urgent societal needs and continued justice reforms within the state.

Quality Examples of Online Criminal Justice Programs

Don’t Break the Bank: Costs of Online Graduate Programs in Oregon

Committing to any online master’s program in Oregon is like diving headfirst into a new adventure. Before taking the plunge, though, it’s crucial to scout the terrain ahead. Once you have that clarity, draft your game plan. Will you dip into savings, take on a side hustle, or secure a loan?

Here’s a hot tip: don’t sleep on financial aid. It’s helped countless folks lighten the financial load of graduate school. So, arm yourself with information, plan wisely, and make that investment count. After all, your future self will thank you. Check out the cost of the quality master’s programs at the schools in the table below to get an idea of the cost of tuition for an online graduate program in Oregon.

School Name No. of Credits Cost/Credit Est. Tuition Cost










Oregon Graduate Program Funding Options

Imagine you’re gearing up for that sweet online master’s degree in Oregon, but the bank’s looking a bit thin. Enter financial aid opportunities in higher education. First, you can get aid from scholarships and grants. These are like free game upgrades; they boost your progress without costing a dime. Also check out funding from the universities you want to attend. The University of Oregon has merit-based and need-based awards that cover tuition for an online master’s degree in Oregon.

Then you’ve got fellowships, an exclusive niche that lets you dive deep into your passion. Check out Oregon State University’s Graduate Fellowships for one example. Another is the Oregon Opportunity Grant where you learn and earn. You can also get aid from graduate research assistantships at places like Portland State University’s Graduate Assistantships that let you dive right into the action. Before you freak out about cash, remember that Oregon has options for funding your master’s degree.

Best Careers in Oregon for Master’s Degree Graduates

You’re willing to put in the hours to earn a master’s degree and the advanced role it promises in the workforce, but maybe you’re wondering how it’ll pay off financially. Based on national statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, individuals with online master’s degrees rake in median weekly earnings of $1,661. For comparison, those with a bachelor’s degree make about $1,432 each week. If you’re dreaming even bigger, like getting a doctoral, the potential earnings jump to $2,083 weekly.

Eager to see what specific careers in Oregon are raking in? The section below lets your eyes snack on those numbers to get an idea of the financial feast available in the state.

Financial Manager

Ever dreamt of that sleek office, managing money, and driving business strategies? That’s where a master’s in finance or business administration comes into play. These programs don’t just juggle numbers; they immerse you in the world of financial decision-making and trend analysis. By the end, you’ll be adept at steering financial ships through stormy markets.

Oregon Median Annual Pay National Job Outlook Related Master’s Degree
$129,120 16% MS in Finance or Business Administration

Source: Projections Central, 2020-2030; Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2022

Elementary, Middle, and High School Principal

Think back to that principal who always had a twinkle in his eye, the one everyone looked up to. Visualize yourself leading, guiding, and influencing the future like he did. To make that dream a reality, you’ll need a master’s in educational leadership. These programs don’t just teach leadership; they dive deep into school management and the nitty-gritty of educational systems. The aim is to mold you into a powerhouse educator who can rally both kids and teachers.

Oregon Median Annual Pay National Job Outlook Related Master’s Degree
$126,610 1% MS in Education

Source: Projections Central, 2020-2030; Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2022


Numbers, to many, are just squiggles on a page. If they’re more to you, if they whisper their secrets and tales of trends and times, you may do well pursuing a statistician career. Unraveling the numbers at advanced levels requires a master’s in statistics. It’s not just a data playground, either, since it teaches you to extract stories from stacks of numbers, predicting what’s around the corner.

Oregon Median Annual Pay National Job Outlook Related Master’s Degree
$83,200 30% MS in Data Analytics

Source: Projections Central, 2020-2030; Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2022

Occupational Therapist

Imagine with every gesture and every touch you’re changing a life. That’s the magic woven by occupational therapists. A master’s in occupational therapy doesn’t just prep you in healing techniques, either. It provides an understanding of the human psyche and helps you become someone who crafts new life chapters for those in need.

Oregon Median Annual Pay National Job Outlook Related Master’s Degree
$100,910 12% MS in Occupational Therapy

Source: Projections Central, 2020-2030; Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2022


Ever wondered why folks do what they do? They’re puzzles, always doing the unexpected. With a master’s in sociology, you get a magnifying glass into human behavior. This program isn’t a mere study but an experience. You’ll engage, you’ll question, and most importantly, you’ll learn to interpret the social dance of life.

Oregon Median Annual Pay National Job Outlook Related Master’s Degree
$98,590 5% MS in Sociology

Source: Projections Central, 2020-2030; Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2022