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Top Online Master’s Programs in Oklahoma (OK): Best of 2024

Online master’s programs in Oklahoma offer budget-friendly and flexible learning opportunities. Continue reading to learn about programs and requirements to help you choose the right one for you.

Author: Emily Towns

Editor: Staff Editor

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Whether you’re looking to improve your skills, qualify for managerial positions, specialize in specific subject matter, or increase your income, earning a master’s degree is a step toward achieving your goals. Online master’s programs in OK offer flexible learning schedules that can help you balance all of your commitments while pursuing a degree.

A National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) survey shows that 21.3% of postsecondary Oklahoma students were exclusively enrolled in distance learning programs, and 29.4% opted for hybrid learning.

You can also save on relocation and transportation costs if you’re a state resident by enrolling in an online master’s program in OK. Perhaps you’re unsure about the right graduate program to help you achieve your career advancement goals, or you’re looking to find out which institution offers the best graduate learning packages. This guide features the top online master’s programs in Oklahoma, to help you make an informed choice on a graduate program that’s right for you.

Oklahoma’s Premiere Online Master’s Programs

Learning modalities for online master’s programs in OK vary, depending on the institution and program. Some schools offer fully online programs, while others offer hybrid learning options that require some on-campus visits. Most online programs use cloud-based systems, allowing you to access reading materials, lecture recordings, and progress quizzes remotely. If you’re looking for a flexible study schedule, online learning may be the perfect fit.

Below is a list of the top three universities offering quality online master’s programs in OK at a reasonable cost. Keep in mind that each person’s definition of ‘best’ varies, depending on the specific qualities and options they’re looking for. Use this list as a starting point to help you find a school that suits you.

Oklahoma State University (OSU)

The logo of Oklahoma State University, featuring bold, interlocking "OSU" letters in black with orange outline.

Oklahoma State University offers Higher Learning Commission (HLC) accredited online graduate degrees. Online degree programs typically run for about 16 weeks, with learning content and program duration the same as on-campus. OSU offers online master’s programs in finance, economics, engineering, health sciences, education, and business. Their online master’s program uses a cloud-based learning management system where students can access links to their lectures, assignments, quizzes, and tests. Students engage with their peers through discussions, assignments, and group work using email, phone, or video conferencing.

Tuition for in-state students is approximately $489 per credit hour and is $530 per credit hour for out-of-state students. Additional expenses include housing, food, books, and transportation. For students with tight budgets or difficult financial circumstances, OSU offers financial aid through scholarships, grants, student employment, or loans.

University of Oklahoma (OU)

Logo of the "University of Oklahoma" with stylized gothic script in white on a maroon background.

The University of Oklahoma offers HLC-accredited online master’s programs. Admission requirements for online master’s degrees include an online application form, a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college, a minimum GPA score that varies depending on the program, and English proficiency for international students. OU offers master’s degrees in architecture, business, education, engineering, fine arts, health sciences, law, journalism, and international studies. Programs can be completed in 24 months, but time to degree varies depending on credit hours and classes you take each semester.

Tuition costs for an online master’s degree at OU vary, depending on your program choice. The OU online tuition estimator toolprovides accurate cost estimates for your program. If you’re interested in financial aid, you can access these services by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Federal regulations limit financial aid in some licensure and certification programs.

University of Central Oklahoma (UCO)

Logo of the University of Central Oklahoma, featuring stylized letters "UCO" in large blue and gold font, followed by "Central Oklahoma" in smaller green script.

UCO offers online master’s degree programs in education, public administration, strategic communication, family and child studies, and nursing, plus a professional MBA program that is fully online. Admission requirements depend on the specific program and whether you are a U.S. citizen. UCO provides a degree sheet in their online portal where you can review the program-specific requirements.

The tuition cost for residents is approximately $346.77 per credit hour inclusive of university fees; nonresidents pay $763.77 per credit hour. Completing your FAFSA application makes you eligible for financial aid through grants, scholarships, loans, GI Bill education benefits, and work-study opportunities. UCO also offers digital badges that can be displayed online for their micro-credentials, enabling you to demonstrate your knowledge and specialization in a specific discipline.

What Online Master’s Programs Are Available in OK?

When completing your online master’s program in Oklahoma, you can select a program that accommodates your outside school activities for work-study balance. Below is a list of the options available with a brief description of what they entail to help you make an informed choice.

Full-Time Online Master’s Programs in Oklahoma

In contrast to traditional in-person learning, a full-time online master’s program in Oklahoma involves completing your entire coursework virtually. This includes attending virtual lectures, submitting online assignments, and taking tests and quizzes on the school’s virtual platform. A full-time online program best suits working students, remote learners living in areas with limited access to campus, and frequent travelers. It can also benefit parents who want to continue their education while raising a family. Noteworthy examples of full-time online master’s programs in OK include OSU and OU online graduate degree programs.

Part-Time Online Master’s Programs in Oklahoma

Part-time online master’s programs in OK offer suitable learning alternatives for students with significant work or family obligations outside of school. Part-time students typically complete less than nine semester hours of coursework. These programs offer more flexible schedules, so students have more free time as they study.

For this reason, part-time online master’s programs in OK typically take longer than full-time options. Although it’s slightly difficult to get part-time online master’s programs in OK, some noteworthy examples include a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at OSU and a Master of Public Administration (MPA) at UCO.

No-GRE Online Master’s Programs in Oklahoma

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standardized test the Education Testing Service uses to determine students’ eligibility to graduate university programs. GRE is an aptitude test that consists of three sections: verbal, written, and quantitative reasoning. The verbal and written reasoning sections carry scores ranging from 30 to 170, while the analytical writing section scores each task from zero to six.

Although many online master’s programs in Oklahoma require a GRE score, you can still access no-GRE programs such as the Master of Education program at Southeastern Oklahoma State University (SOSU) and Master of Engineering and Technology Management at OSU.

Accelerated Online Master’s Programs in Oklahoma

Unlike part-time online programs that take a longer period to complete, accelerated programs offer condensed, packed learning schedules, allowing students to complete the master’s program in a shorter time. This option is suitable for you if you’re already in an established career and looking to improve your skills, or if you have a limited study period due to other obligations. Noteworthy examples of accelerated online master’s programs in OK include a Master’s in Geology at OSU and a Master of Business Administration in General Business at SOSU.

Oklahoma Offers Graduate Degrees for Various Specialties

If you’re looking for a suitable online master’s program in Oklahoma, consider using the list below to guide you in identifying a specialty that suits you.

Business Administration

Completing a business administration master’s degree equips students with skills in marketing, management, operations, and strategy to successfully run a business. This program is particularly popular among entrepreneurs, business owners, career changers, and technical professionals. An MBA is ideal for those who want to access lucrative managerial or leadership positions in their respective fields. Below is a list of colleges offering this online master’s program in Oklahoma.

Examples of Quality Online Programs


Oklahoma’s job growth for accountants is projected to hit 11.6% by 2026. Completing an online accounting master’s in Oklahoma can give you access to professional development and career advancement opportunities. You can specialize in forensic accounting and information systems by completing this program.

Examples of Quality Online Programs

Computer Science

Whether you’ve completed an undergraduate degree in computer science or you want to change careers in the tech field, a master’s in computer science may suit you. This program equips you with coding, programming, and software development skills, and keeps you updated with recent technological developments and trends. You can access career advancement opportunities or qualify as a tech consultant by completing this training.

Examples of Quality Online Programs

Human Resource Management

Individuals holding junior HR positions or looking to change careers to talent management or organizational leadership can benefit from completing a master’s in human resource management. Bureau of Labor Statistics data show a 5% growth in human resource management jobs by 2032.

Examples of Quality Online Programs


Whether or not you completed a psychology undergraduate degree or are interested in learning more about human behavior and mental processes, a psychology master’s program may suit you. You can access professions like clinical psychology, school counseling, and mental health counseling by completing this program. Below is a list of online psychology master’s programs in Oklahoma you may consider.

Examples of Quality Online Programs

Will Earning an Online Master’s Degree in Oklahoma Be Expensive?

Learning about the cost of an online master’s degree in Oklahoma can help you understand the financial commitment required when enrolling for the program. You can use this information to create a financial payment plan or seek financial aid in advance to help you meet the cost. Comparing the cost of online master’s programs in OK among the various schools can also guide you in selecting one that fits your budget. Use the table to estimate the total tuition cost for some graduate programs.

School Name No. of Credits Cost/Credit Est. Tuition Cost







Oklahoma Graduate Program Funding Options

With the growing cost of education, financing an online master’s program in Oklahoma can deplete your savings or leave you in debt if you don’t have a solid financial plan. Luckily, most schools offer financial aid services to help relieve the financial burden of an online master’s program. As mentioned above, completing a FAFSA application can make you eligible for the college’s financial aid services. FAFSA application requirements include an official Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and all signatory requirements. You can access partial or full scholarships, grants, fellowships, student loans, graduate research assistantships, and work-study opportunities to pay your college fees.

Turn Your Master’s Degree into Dollar Signs with These Careers

Although completing a master’s degree brings you closer to the job of your dreams and specialization opportunities, it can also come with a significant pay bump. Who wouldn’t want to earn more? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median weekly earning of a bachelor’s degree holder is estimated as $1,432, while that of a master’s degree holder is approximately $1,661.

Your change in salary depends on the profession and specific location of work. The average annual salary for master’s degree jobs in Oklahoma is $40,627. Below is a list of professions requiring a master’s degree with their estimated salaries and job outlook to give you an idea of your potential earnings.

Financial Manager

A master’s in financial management typically equips students with skills in international trade, finance, and investment. Through this program, you can learn about global financial regulations and financial marketing strategies, making you the right person for managerial finance roles. Apart from holding managerial positions in top organizations, you can also venture into financial consulting with this degree.

State Median Annual Pay National Job Outlook Related Master’s Degree
$139,790 16% MS in Finance

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2022

Genetic Counselor

Numerous advancements in the medical field have made it possible to track and identify potential genetic conditions that may affect you or your family. Completing this master’s program equips you with chromosomal analysis and genetic test interpretation skills to help you make sound clinical decisions. With these skills, you can get top jobs in genetics, genomics, and bioscience.

State Median Annual Pay National Job Outlook Related Master’s Degree
$89,990 16% MS in Genetic Counseling

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2022


Graduating with a master’s degree in sociology offers career-relevant skills in research analysis, project development, and multicultural competency. You can use these skills to study human behavior and its influence on religious, political, and economic environments. The role exposes you to jobs in the government, political, educational, and social services industries.

State Median Annual Pay National Job Outlook Related Master’s Degree
$98,590 5% MS in Sociology

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2022

Political Scientist

Earning a master’s degree in political science empowers you with the skills and knowledge in political theory, which you can use to identify and provide solutions to political challenges affecting the government and its citizens. These skills make you competent in policy-making and political, economic, and social forecasting. You can get jobs in consulting firms, research organizations, learning institutions, and the government after completing this degree.

State Median Annual Pay National Job Outlook Related Master’s Degree
$128,020 7% MA in Political Science

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2021

Nurse Anesthetist

Global improvements in surgical techniques have progressed the consistency in surgical patient management and increased favorable surgery outcomes. With a master’s in nurse anesthesia, you are capable of accurately preparing patients for surgery, inducing and maintaining patient anesthesia during procedures, and monitoring their vital signs to ensure favorable outcomes.

State Median Annual Pay National Job Outlook Related Master’s Degree
$125,900 38% MS in Nurse Anesthesia

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2022