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Discover the Best Online Master’s Programs in Massachusetts (MA)

Are you eager to catapult your career to new heights in the renowned education hub of Massachusetts? You’re not alone. Many professionals and academics in the Bay State are turning to online master’s programs to gain the advanced skills and knowledge crucial for making significant strides in their respective fields.

Search hundreds of schools for the master’s YOU want……

This guide illuminates the multitude of online master’s programs available in Massachusetts, with each offering a unique blend of quality, flexibility, and rigorous curriculum. Whether you’re a working professional looking to climb the corporate ladder, a researcher digging deeper into your field, or a lifelong learner with a thirst for knowledge, discovering the right program is pivotal.

You’ll find state-specific data and varied options that ensure you’ll find the perfect match to fuel your passions and propel your career forward. So, let’s explore the online master’s programs in MA that align with your aspirations.

Top-Rated Online Master’s Programs in Massachusetts for 2024

Massachusetts is at the forefront of offering exemplary online master’s programs. Online learning offers ultimate flexibility, allowing students to attend classes at times convenient to them, asynchronously or in real time. While most of the curriculum is delivered online, some programs require occasional on-campus visits, depending on the subject and course requirements.

However, prospective students should be prepared to navigate personal challenges, such as self-discipline, time management, and technological adaptability. Embracing these challenges helps uncover the true advantages of online programs, such as accessibility, personalized learning environments, and the ability to balance work, life, and study commitments.

Check out these three top-tier universities in Massachusetts. Your criteria for “the best” will be different than someone else’s, however these spotlights serve as a quality benchmark as you explore various programs to find the one that aligns with your needs.

University of Massachusetts Amherst

The University of Massachusetts Amherst is a beacon of academic excellence, offering many flexible and accessible graduate degree programs designed for busy working professionals. UMass Amherst stands out for its commitment to breaking down traditional barriers to education. The school champions access for all learners, with options to study online, in person, or through a mix, providing students maximum flexibility.

UMass Amherst offers online master’s programs in fields like education, behavioral sciences, public health, nursing, and engineering. Additionally, the Isenberg School of Management offers highly ranked Online MBA, MS in Accounting, MS in Business and Analytics, and Master of Finance programs. Meanwhile, the College of Information and Computer Sciences — known for its world-class curriculum and high-ranking graduate programs —offers an MS in Computer Science.

While tuition rates and financial aid options vary, potential students are encouraged to explore the many financial aid opportunities available for graduate programs. One-minute videos walk you through the types of financial aid, the financial aid process, and personal finance.

Bay Path University

Bay Path University offers over 30 career-oriented online graduate degrees, blending flexibility with rigorous academics. Students choose from online programs in Applied Behavior Analysis, Business & Management, Health Science, and Public Health. Bay Path offers accelerated courses, allowing students the convenience to start or take a session off at any time.

Bay Path’s approach to admission is inclusive and accommodating, with rolling admission allowing students to apply at their convenience. The Office of Graduate Admissions and the Office of Student Financial Services provide seamless support through the application process, assisting in financial aid and scholarship applications.

What sets Bay Path University apart is its unyielding commitment to offering programs that are adaptable to the lives of its students. The admissions team is dedicated to working with students to select the right program to match their career objectives. The variety and flexibility of the programs make Bay Path University a preferred choice for online master’s programs in Massachusetts.

University of Massachusetts Lowell

UMass Lowell stands as a pillar of academic excellence, offering over 40 master’s programs across dozens of areas of study. As a leader in online education, UMass Lowell is recognized for the impact its graduates make in their respective fields.

The advantages of choosing UMass Lowell include one of the nation’s lowest tuition rates for online degrees and 100% online courses, eliminating the need for campus visits. Other advantages include short course sessions that accelerate student progress and 24/7 access to technical support.

Rolling admissions allow aspiring students to apply at their convenience. Whether students pursue their degree online or on campus, UMass Lowell ensures the caliber of education remains consistent and graduates earn high-quality degrees.

Types of Online Master’s Programs Available in Massachusetts

Various options are available to suit diverse needs and preferences, including full-time, part-time, accelerated, and no-GRE programs. Explore the options to find the right fit for your academic and career goals.

Full-Time Online Master’s Programs in MA

Full-time online master’s programs in Massachusetts allow students to immerse themselves fully in their field of study. For instance, UMass Lowell offers over 40 full-time online programs in topics ranging from health informatics to security studies to nursing.

Part-Time Online Master’s Programs in MA

Part-time online master’s programs in Massachusetts are beneficial for students who are working or have other commitments, allowing a balance between work, life, and study. UMass Lowell offers part-time online master’s programs in accounting, nursing, business analytics, criminal justice, and many other subjects.

No-GRE Online Master’s Programs in MA

No-GRE online master’s programs in Massachusetts remove barriers to access, offering a more inclusive and holistic admission process. These master’s programs typically have more flexible master’s degree admissions requirements while still allowing you to get the best education. UMass Lowell and Bay Path University are examples of institutions prioritizing a candidate’s overall profile over standardized test scores, with no GRE required for certain programs.

Accelerated Online Master’s Programs in MA

Accelerated online master’s programs in Massachusetts are tailored for ambitious individuals aiming to expedite their learning. UMass Amherst offers a one-year Master of Finance degree, and Bay Path University has a Higher Education Administration Master’s that you can complete in one year. If you’re looking to finish your master’s degree faster than the traditional method (or in as little as one year), you’ll find that Massachusetts offers programs for you.

A Detailed Look into Massachusetts’s Top Online Master’s Programs

Business, Management, and Sales

Earning a master of business administration (MBA) degree equips students with the expertise to succeed in today’s evolving business landscape. For students looking for a more focused degree, many MBA degree programs offer specializations in business or sales.

Students gain in-depth knowledge and focus on real-world applications. Along the way, students also foster a network of peers, professionals, and faculty, making an MBA an excellent choice for those looking to climb the corporate ladder.

Quality Examples of Online Programs

Computer Science and Engineering

A master’s in computer science is designed for individuals interested in diving deeper into computer science and technology—a topic especially important in Massachusetts, which is a tech innovation and development hub. Students learn advanced computing topics, enhance their analytical skills, and prepare for lucrative careers in the state’s thriving tech industry.

Quality Examples of Online Programs


A master’s in education is structured for educators and aspiring teachers eager to elevate their expertise. Massachusetts is home to prestigious educational institutions, and this degree is sought after by those looking to make an impact in educational strategies, leadership, and curriculum development.

Quality Examples of Online Programs

Healthcare Management

A master’s in healthcare management is an invaluable credential for those interested in leadership roles in healthcare organizations. This online master’s degree in Massachusetts prepares students to influence healthcare policies, manage healthcare facilities, and enhance patient care quality.

Quality Examples of Online Programs

Fine Arts

The master of fine arts (MFA) is essential for aspiring artists, writers, and filmmakers who want to refine their craft. Students explore their creativity, engage in artistic expression, and contribute to the vibrant cultural landscape of Massachusetts and beyond.

Quality Examples of Online Programs

How Much Will You Pay? Online Master’s Programs Costs in MA

Understanding the total financial commitments of earning an online master’s degree in MA is pivotal before enrollment. You’ll need a plan for covering the costs through savings, loans, financial aid, scholarships, and payment plans.

School Name No. of Credits Cost/Credit Est. Tuition Cost










These costs are estimates and may not include all additional fees or expenses. Consult the university’s financial services directly for the most up-to-date information.

Massachusetts Master’s Degree Funding Opportunities

Pursuing an online master’s degree in Massachusetts opens the door to numerous financial aid opportunities. Explore a range of scholarships and grants, such as the Massachusetts Graduate Tuition Waiver, which offers financial support to eligible students.

Work-study programs are also prevalent, allowing students to gain experience while offsetting costs. Additionally, universities such as UMass Lowell and Boston University offer graduate research assistantships, which combine both financial support and research experience.

Maximizing Your Earnings: Top Careers for MA Master’s Graduates

Pursuing a master’s degree can significantly increase your earning potential. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), professionals with a master’s degree earn a median weekly salary of $1,661, compared to $1,432 for those with a bachelor’s degree. In Massachusetts, the emphasis on sectors such as technology, healthcare, and education offer lucrative opportunities for master’s degree holders.

The tables below detail potential earnings for careers requiring a master’s degree, showcasing the substantial return on investment offered with online master’s degree programs in MA.


A master’s degree in anthropology or archeology provides specialized knowledge and skills, paving the way for advanced research and analysis in human behavior and societies.

Median Annual Pay National Job Outlook
Related Master’s Degree
$63,940 4% MS in Anthropology or Archeology

Source: BLS, 2022


With a master’s degree, economists are equipped with an advanced understanding of economic theories and models, enabling them to analyze economic trends and advise on economic policies.

Median Annual Pay National Job Outlook
Related Master’s Degree
$113,940 6% MS in Economics

Source: BLS, 2022


A master’s degree in mathematics or statistics builds analytical and problem-solving skills, leading to the development of mathematical theories and techniques to solve practical problems in various industries.

Median Annual Pay National Job Outlook
Related Master’s Degree
$99,960 30% MS in Mathematics or Statistics

Source: BLS, 2022

Nurse Practitioners

Master’s prepared nurse practitioners gain an elevated level of clinical expertise, allowing them to diagnose and treat patients more effectively and ensure their progress and success in healthcare.

Median Annual Pay National Job Outlook
Related Master’s Degree
$125,900 38% MS in Nursing

Source: BLS, 2022

Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists acquire advanced therapeutic skills and knowledge to help patients develop, recover, and maintain daily living skills.

Median Annual Pay National Job Outlook
Related Master’s Degree
$93,180 12% MS in Occupational Therapy

Source: BLS, 2022