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Discover the Best Online Master’s Programs in Michigan (MI)

Author: Shannon Lee

Editor: Staff Editor

Whether you decide to attend graduate school at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor or one of the other dozens of graduate programs in the state, there’s an online master’s degree program to fit your needs. This is why so many students decide to earn their master’s degree in Michigan, with more than 16,000 master’s degrees awarded in 2021-2022.

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There are several reasons why master’s degrees are so popular, but two reasons rise to the top of the list. First, they provide advanced training to existing professionals so they can take on a more specialized role in their current occupation. Just as importantly, many of them are available online, often with no in-person requirements, which is a crucial factor for adult learners who are juggling home and work responsibilities.

The goal of this guide is to provide an overview of the top online master’s programs in Michigan and how their convenient and flexible learning can help you move forward in your profession.

Top-Rated Online Master’s Programs in Michigan for 2024

There are many Michigan online master’s degrees with little to no campus or in-person learning requirements. Many of the online courses are asynchronous, meaning students can learn from anywhere and at any time. This is a critical factor for many prospective master’s degree students, as they often have responsibilities they need to uphold while in school.

In master’s programs designed for hands-on professions, like nursing or education, there may be one or more classes with experiential learning elements, such as practicums and internships. However, these online programs are set up to let students complete these requirements at locations close to their homes or where they already work.

Below are spotlights of several schools in Michigan with online master’s programs that should give you a good idea of your options. While everyone’s definition of an ideal program varies, these programs stand out in terms of learning flexibility, cost, and education quality.

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor is one of the state’s most prominent institutions of higher learning, with more than a dozen master’s degree online programsto choose from. They cover a broad range of topics, from nursing to manufacturing to business. Many of these are hybrid programs consisting of online classes and in-person experiential learning elements, like clinicals, residencies, and internships.

However, some are fully online, such as the Master of Public Health in Population and Health Sciences. Because these programs are largely online, students can adjust the pace of their learning to continue working and handling family obligations while in school. To help students pay for their education, the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor has extensive financial aid offerings, including scholarships, work-study, grants, fellowships, and loans.

Walsh College

Walsh College has a broad selection of online master’s degree programsto choose from. For those interested in business, there are the general and STEM Master of Business Administration degrees. There are also eight Master of Science degrees available, including accountancy, marketing, finance, data analytics, information technology, information technology leadership, management, and taxation. All of these are fully online or hybrid programs with limited or optional in-person learning requirements.

For example, the Master of Science in Data Analytics can be completed fully online, or students may choose to incorporate some on-campus classes. However, for the Master of Science in Accountancy, the curriculum consists of a combination of online synchronous and asynchronous classes, as well as on-campus courses. One unique feature of the master’s programs at Walsh College is that many of the degrees can be turned into a dual degree program by just adding three more courses to the curriculum.

Eastern Michigan University

Eastern Michigan University offers one of the more extensive selections of online master’s degrees in Michigan. Of the 29 online graduate programs available at Eastern Michigan University, 18 offer master’s degrees. One of these is a joint bachelor’s and master’s degree program in dietetics, while other programs include areas of study like cybersecurity, business administration, and nursing education.

Besides the large number of programs offered, Eastern Michigan University also boasts several somewhat rare programs, such as quality management, reading, children’s literature, and integrated marketing communications. The exact format depends on the program and the hands-on training necessary for a particular degree, like the Master of Arts in Early Childhood Education, which requires an internship. There’s also a Master of Business Administration program, which students can complete 100% online (asynchronously) or in a blended online and in-person format.

Types of Online Master’s Programs Available in Michigan

If there’s a master’s degree program available in the United States, you’ll probably find it in at least one of the many Michigan master’s degree programs. The type of online format will vary depending on the school and program. This variety exists to accommodate the differing needs of students in different parts of the state, so read on to see which one is best suited for you.

Full-Time Online Master’s Programs in MI

Students who want to graduate from an online master’s program in Michigan as quickly as possible will want to enroll as a full-time student. At the graduate level, a typical full-time course load may only consist of nine or so credits each semester. However, many master’s-level online programs offer courses year-round. Calvin University’s Master of Arts in speech-language pathology is a 72-credit program that can be completed in as little as two years with full-time study.

Because of the flexible nature of online learning, students may have the option to take additional classes to graduate sooner. The Master of Public Administration at Saginaw Valley State University offers year-round admissions and the option to attend full time and finish in 2 years.

Part-Time Online Master’s Programs in MI

A typical full-time master’s degree semester will consist of three to four classes, while a part-time track may consist of one to two classes. This makes it far easier for students to balance their personal and professional responsibilities while taking classes. Even if a degree doesn’t have a formal part-time online program, students can often proceed at a part-time pace, given the inherently self-paced nature of remote learning.

The adult-gerontology primary care nurse practitioner Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor can be finished in two or three years, leaving some leeway for how many courses you take a semester, while Spring Arbor University’s MBA program allows students to learn at their own pace by taking one class at a time.

No-GRE Online Master’s Programs in MI

Because one of the biggest draws to online master’s programs is convenience, many prospective students don’t have the time to prepare for and take an entrance exam like the GRE. As a result, many online master’s degree programs don’t consider GRE test scoresor require any other entrance exams. The schools that do accept scores make it an optional component of the admissions process.

While the master’s in social innovation program at Grand Valley State University doesn’t require the GRE, students who don’t have at least a 3.0 GPA in the last 60 credits they earned or five years of professional experience, can include GRE scores with their applications to boost their credentials. The University of Detroit Mercy’s MS in Cybercrime doesn’t require scores but will accept and consider them in the application process.

Accelerated Online Master’s Programs in MI

Accelerated programs allow completion even faster than what’s normally expected in a full-time program. Accelerated curriculums can typically be found in areas of study where it’s easier for students to take extra classes each term or where students are more willing to focus solely on schoolwork to graduate as quickly as possible.

Accelerated programs may also exist in dual degree programs, where subject matter overlap allows students to earn two degrees in less time, like a one-year master’s degree combined with a bachelor’s degree. Students who attend Michigan Technological University can earn their Master of Science in health informatics in one year if they have earned their bachelor’s degree in the same program. Central Michigan University offers a similar program for undergraduates in its MS in administration, which can be earned in one year.

Exploring Today’s Top Online Master’s Degrees in Michigan

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The online Master of Business Administration(MBA) is one of the more popular online master’s degrees available for three main reasons. First, master’s degrees work well for teaching more advanced skills, like leadership, to those already working. Second, its online format offers convenient learning options to students who want to continue working while in school. Finally, the demand for MBA graduates is high in Michigan and the rest of the country because the curriculum provides management skills that can apply to almost any industry or field.

Quality Examples of Online Programs

MS in Computer Science

The need for highly skilled professionals has been strong the past few decades and there’s no indication that this will slow down. There are plenty of computer-related online master’s degree programs in Michigan. One of the more common ones is the Master of Science in computer science. This is the perfect degree for existing technology professionals who want to obtain high-level skills to focus on a particular specialization or move into a leadership role in their existing organization.

Quality Examples of Online Programs

Master of Social Work (MSW)

There is an urgent need across the country for more social workers and Michigan is no exception. According to Projections Central, the 10-year projected growth for social workers in Michigan varies among specialties, but consistently hovers over 10%. Luckily, there are plenty of online master’s degree social worker programs in Michigan to meet this need.

Quality Examples of Online Programs

Master of Health Administration (MHA)

Many of the major areas of job growth are in the healthcare sector. One reason for this is because of the growing need of medical services due to greater availability of health insurance and an aging population. To manage this increased demand for healthcare, there is a vital need for healthcare managers and administrators to ensure efficient delivery of medical services.

Quality Examples of Online Programs

MA in Sports Administration

Michigan is home to several sports teams, at both the professional and scholastic level. Professionals are needed to help these teams perform at their best. The master’s degree in sports management is perfect for those who are already in the sports field and need additional skills and management training or those looking to try a new career.

Quality Examples of Online Programs

What You Can Expect to Pay for Online Master’s Programs in MI

A master’s degree will usually lead to an increase in pay, but the time and cost to complete a graduate degree can sometimes negate that boost in compensation. It’s important to determine how much your prospective online master’s degree will cost. The tuition is only part of the research process, as you’ll need to consider other factors, like fees, travel requirements (if any), and opportunities for financial aid.

The following chart provides a rough idea of what kind of tuition rates you can expect from a Michigan online master’s degree.

School Name No. of Credits Resident Cost/Credit Est. Tuition Cost










Smart Strategies for Funding Your Master’s Degree in MI

For many potential online master’s degree Michigan students, the cost of their education is the second most important factor in deciding whether to attend a particular school (the first being if that school offers the program they want). Just because a program’s tuition seems out of reach doesn’t automatically mean it’s not affordable.

Thankfully, there are plenty of financial aid options available, including gift-based aid like grants and scholarships and fellowships. These can come from any number of sources, some of the most common being corporations and non-profit organizations. But another great source of gift-based financial aid comes directly from the schools themselves. For example, Saginaw Valley State Universityand the University of Michigan, Flint, have scholarships that are only open to their students.

Top-Paying Careers for Michigan Master’s Graduates

Obtaining a master’s degree doesn’t guarantee more money, but the more education you earn, the more money you can expect to make. Having a more advanced degree correlates with a smaller chance of being unemployed, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

For instance, compared to those with a bachelor’s degree, individuals with master’s degrees can expect to earn about $200 per week more and have a 0.3% lower unemployment rate. These are general numbers, so let’s look at specific jobs that require a master’s degree and how much they typically earn.


The epidemiology master’s degree builds on prior medical and biological knowledge to train future disease trackers and researchers. The curriculum offers coursework that focuses on mathematics, statistics, and analyzing medical data to draw useful conclusions from that information.

State Median Annual Pay National Job Outlook Related Master’s Degree
$81,170 27% MS in Epidemiology

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2022


Becoming a statistician requires a master’s degree because most people with a bachelor’s degree will only have a basic understanding of foundational statistical concepts, like normal distribution. The master’s curriculum takes the next steps and examines more advanced theories, like multivariate statistics and Monte Carlo simulations. Graduate students also learn how to apply these ideas to practical uses, such as business and research.

State Median Annual Pay National Job Outlook Related Master’s Degree
$103,930 32% Master’s in Statistics

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2022


Sociology is the study of social behavior. Sociologists must possess certain analytical and research skills to not just analyze research and statistical data but develop surveys and tests for gathering this data. There may also be coursework that examines various theories to explain human thinking and actions.

State Median Annual Pay National Job Outlook Related Master’s Degree
$63,370 5% MA in Sociology

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2022

Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners are advanced practice registered nurses, which means they provide more complex care to patients than most RNs. This requires additional hands-on training and didactic learning to take on this additional responsibility. A major portion of a Master of Science curriculum for nurse practitioners involves extensive practicums where students provide supervised care to real patients in a healthcare setting.

State Median Annual Pay National Job Outlook Related Master’s Degree
$109,250 38% MSN

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2022

Genetic Counselor

Most students starting a master’s of genetic counseling program will have already taken foundational courses in chemistry, biology, and related science courses. The master’s degree builds on that knowledge to teach students about molecular genetics and embryology. There will also be coursework that teaches research skills and how the interaction between environment and genetics can affect someone’s health.

State Median Annual Pay National Job Outlook Related Master’s Degree
$80,320 16% Master of Genetic Counseling

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2022