Best Online Master’s Degrees in Business

Take the next step in your career by earning an online master’s in business degree. Browse top accredited schools with flexible programs and learn about available specializations in this guide.

The business world is full of opportunities, no matter whether you work in finance or insurance. However, without an advanced degree, it can be hard to obtain the promotion and knowledge needed to advance your career. That is why it may be time for you to consider earning an online master’s in business degree into better promotion opportunities, job security, and higher pay.

Those who want to take on more responsibility or engage in a more active role with their employer can benefit from this graduate degree. There are numerous paths you can take in earning a master’s in business. You can also continue working while earning that education, as most online business master’s degrees are designed for current professionals. Read on to learn more about online business master’s programs and their benefits in this guide.

Best Universities with Online Business Master’s Programs in 2021

There are many online business master’s programs to choose from; so many of the biggest challenges might be figuring out which programs to apply to. To assist in that decision, we’ve created a ranking of quality schools with online master’s business programs. To give you a preview of what kinds of schools made a list, we’ve identified three top-rated programs that stand out regarding education quality, value, and learning convenience.

Johns Hopkins University

The Johns Hopkins Carey School of Business offers six master’s-level business programs. However, only three of them are available online. They include:

  • Master of Science in Finance
  • Master of Science in Marketing
  • Master of Science in Health Care Management

Each consists of 36 credits and is the only degree offered by the Carey Business School that can be completed online. When enrolled online, these tracks must be completed on a part-time basis. Students wishing to obtain these degrees on a full-time basis must attend traditional on-campus classes. Because these online master’s in business degrees are offered online on a part-time basis, each degree will take two years to earn.

The majority of the courses in each program can be completed online. However, each student must take Business Communications, which consists of an on-campus visit to complete a residency component. Additionally, some electives may be available on-campus. Finally, students will have experiential learning opportunities that can be completed in-person. These include one-day observation opportunities or multi-year fellowships.

Indiana University; Kelley School of Business

The Kelley School of Business at Indiana University offers an extensive selection of online business master’s programs. These include the following six master of science programs:

  • Business Analytics
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Finance
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Marketing
  • Strategic Management

Each consists of 30 credits and provides students with maximum flexibility. For example, students can load up on classes and graduate in as little as 15 months. But those wishing to take a lighter course load to manage personal or professional obligations can take three years to complete their classes.

Because most of the coursework can be completed online, some students may have concerns about not having the same opportunities to interact with their peers and professors as their on-campus classmates. To address this concern, the Kelley School of Business has established the Kelley Direct Student Leadership Association, which offers in-person gatherings across dozens of cities. It’s open to prospective and current students, as well as alumni.

Arizona State University

Arizona State University (ASU) is a world leader in distance education. ASU’s Master of Business Administration students have an extensive set of online master’s in business degrees to choose from, including:

  • Business Analytics
  • Digital Audience Strategy
  • Information Systems Management
  • Leadership and Management – Thunderbird
  • Nonprofit Leadership and Management
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Program Evaluation and Data Analytics
  • Public Interest Technology
  • Social Technologies
  • Supply Chain Management

Almost all of these degrees can be complete 100% online, and many consist of 30 credit hours and ten classes. This means students can easily graduate with their online master’s in business in less than two years. For added flexibility, most classes last only seven and a half weeks, making it easier for students to take classes at times that best fit their busy work or personal schedule.

Why Earn an Online Master’s Degree in Business?

Several advantages come with earning an online master’s in business. These advantages include the ease of earning a degree online and what the degree can do to help you earn that promotion, gain more responsibility, or increase your salary.

  1. Learning flexibility

    Many programs are 100% online, which means students never have to set foot on campus to earn their business master’s degree. Additionally, students can typically choose the pace at which they take their classes. This flexibility is imperative in business programs because many students will want to continue working full time while getting their master’s degree. Many employers may expect that.

  2. Networking opportunities

    Business is about who you know, almost as much as it is about what you know. Attendance in an online business master’s program offers the chance to create new connections. Whether it’s a faculty member, classmate, or alumnus, the connections made in business school have a good chance of boosting career prospects in the future.

  3. Professional advancement

    Earning a master’s degree can drastically improve your chances of making a big leap forward in your business career. Not only does the business curriculum at the master’s level offer opportunities to specialize in a particular area, but it also provides management training. This is critical if you want to take on a leadership role in your profession.

Types of Online Master’s Degrees in Business

Many of the online master’s degrees in business offer specialization options. This gives additional academic flexibility on top of the distance learning format. Here is a list of some of the more common business specializations available at the master’s level.

  • Accounting

    As one of the more popular business concentrations, a master’s degree in accounting provides the analytical skills and highly technical knowledge to understand today’s complicated accounting principles and concepts. In addition to learning the underlying concepts, this concentration will also teach students how to effectively communicate accounting information to individuals without specialized training. And after graduating, most students will be ready to take the Certified Public Accountant Exam.

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  • Business Analytics

    One of the newer areas of the business world has to do with quantitative analysis and analytics. This area of focus will teach students how to gather business data, whether it’s from customers or the market as a whole, then take that data to gain a competitive advantage. Courses will also prepare students to create financial and business models based on data and statistical analysis.

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  • Finance

    With this specialization, students will obtain the skills necessary to quantitatively analyze financial data. From there, they can draw conclusions and inferences to make short-term tactical and long-term strategic business decisions. This concentration will include courses about macroeconomic principles, financial management, risk analysis, and capital markets. Much of the curriculum will also cover topics to help prepare students to sit for the CFA exams.

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  • Entrepreneurship

    Much of the curriculum in any business degree focuses on increasing shareholder value, with the student working for that company. The entrepreneurship concentration changes that dynamic, putting the student in a place of ownership. Here, students will learn what it takes to start a new business, including developing a business model and acquiring investment capital.

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  • Human Resources

    The key to success in business is to effectively manage employees and other workplace personnel. This specialization covers improving workforce performance and employee morale by addressing different methods of recruitment, compensation, talent development, worker assessment, and employee discipline.

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  • Marketing

    Marketing continues to be one of the most important business functions. Identifying the right customers for a product or service, understanding their wants and needs, and finding effective ways to convince them to make a purchase is essential for success. Earning an online master’s in marketing can help you learn the latest marketing strategies, from search engine marketing to social media marketing, while also building your skills in areas like marketing research, marketing analytics, consumer behavior, and international marketing.

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  • Organizational Leadership

    Organizational leadership is a sub-field of business that examines the human aspects of a business organization. Coursework will cover the principles of communication, company culture, leadership, and interpersonal interactions, but from the psychological perspective. While many business classes focus on these things from a profitability point of view, this concentration takes a more personal approach.

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  • Project Management

    Project management refers to managers’ skills and knowledge to ensure that a project goes not just according to plan but moves as quickly and efficiently as possible. In this major, students will learn the risk management and critical thinking skills necessary for significant decisions necessary during all phases of a project. This includes the design and start of a project, as well as its execution.

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  • Sports Management

    The sports management concentration teaches students how to take business principles, like marketing, finance, law, and event planning, and apply them to sports. Specifically, students will learn how to apply these skills to various athletic environments, including college, professional, high school, and non-profit organizations.

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  • Supply Chain Management

    One of the biggest challenges for business managers in today’s economy is supply chain management. Organizations are pushing their employees to find a way to improve efficiency and lower cost in their supply chains. Skills taught in this specialization include supply sourcing, inventory management, logistical operations, and accounting.

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