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At (OMD), we empower master’s students on their academic journey. Our mission is to offer valuable resources, expert insights, and high-quality information to support the online graduate student’s journey from application through graduation. We aim to provide higher education content that is accurate, inclusive, diverse, and transparent.

Our editorial team operates independently and objectively to ensure that subject pages, student guides, program rankings, and other content are created through well-defined methodologies. Student success is our priority, and we’re here to provide the support and information online graduate students need to thrive in their online master’s journey.


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Our Guiding Policies and Values

We produce educational and informative content that master’s students can confidently rely on. Our pursuit of excellence is reflected in the following initiatives.

Editorial Standards

At OMD, we maintain a code of ethical and editorial standards that apply to our team, whether staff or contractors. Our commitment is to serve master’s students like you by exploring the latest education trends and offering practical guidance for making well-informed choices.

Exploring Vital Topics: We cover various topics, from graduate school and online program admissions, test preparation, and financing higher education to achieving a harmonious work-life balance. Our objective is to ensure that each piece of content – whether it’s an article, blog, infographic, or data-driven material – adheres to the values of neutrality, nonpartisanship, and unerring accuracy.

Expert Voices: Our team collaborates with bloggers and experts in their respective fields to contribute to our website. Their content is held to the same elevated standards as our staff-written material. This ensures that our contributors maintain credibility with our audience by offering valuable advice rather than self-promotion.

Steps for Informed Decisions: Our educational information is an invaluable starting point for understanding the complexities surrounding selecting an online master’s degree program or other educational choices. However, we emphasize that ultimate decisions should be made in partnership with college and financial advisers.

Accuracy and Integrity

To ensure accuracy and integrity, every piece of content on OMD goes through a rigorous editorial process. With an unwavering commitment to producing work we proudly stand behind, our managing editors oversee every piece of content from inception to publication. This includes hiring seasoned writers, working with detail-oriented editors and fact-checkers, personally conducting final page reviews, and ensuring accuracy and relevancy through ongoing page audits, revisions, and updates.

To provide the most accurate information, we rigorously fact-check every page and use high-quality sources for data and other information. Some of our trusted sources include:

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access

At OMD, we recognize the diverse backgrounds and experiences master’s students bring to their educational journeys. We are committed to supporting students from marginalized groups and traditionally underserved populations. To ensure inclusivity, we’ve prioritized creating specialized resource pages tailored to these student’s post-graduate needs.

Our team actively seeks contributions from authors and experts with diverse backgrounds to ensure our content includes a wide range of voices and perspectives. We employ language that is not only inclusive but also rigorously aligned with the most current standards, ensuring that all individuals feel seen and valued on our website.

Ensuring everyone can access our content — regardless of their abilities — is also our team’s utmost priority. We aspire to create a user-friendly environment that fosters a seamless experience for all visitors. Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we welcome it.

Authority and Expertise

OMD strives to become a foremost authority on the online master’s degree experience, with a specific focus on enhancing the following key aspects:

We rely on experts with extensive knowledge and insights on these core topics to ensure our content is valuable and accurate. Industry experts review pages for accuracy, sensitivity, potential bias, and inclusive language. You can learn more about our experts on our Authors and Experts Page.

AI Use Note: At, we deeply value the human touch. This is why we refrain from using AI-generated content on our pages. Instead, we prioritize enriching your online master’s degree journey through the wisdom and expertise of higher education professionals. 

Content Integrity and Objectivity

At OMD, we aim to deliver information that is objective and bias-free. The foundation of our content is factual accuracy and reliable data. We verify information through reputable sources, academic institutions, and industry experts. The knowledge we offer is built upon a solid foundation of expertise.

With that said, we understand that errors can occasionally occur. In such cases, we take swift action to correct factual inaccuracies. We welcome your corrections and feedback and will investigate to verify and implement necessary modifications. Your input is invaluable in our pursuit of providing you with the most accurate and trustworthy information possible.

Relevance & Current Information

We aim to ensure that you always have access to the most recent insights in your field. As part of our commitment to providing the most up-to-date information, we conduct regular site audits and page updates, occasionally removing older content or redirecting pages to more recent content. Each page also prominently displays the publication date.


Transparency, for us, means being crystal clear about our sources. Here are some of the ways we accomplish this:

Privacy and Advertising Policies

We value your privacy, and you can see exactly how we collect, use, and disclose your information on our detailed Privacy Policy page.

Revenue from advertising helps support access to our rankings and other content. We integrate it into our website transparently, distinguishing it from our editorial content. Advertisers do not influence our content, but to read our full policy, see our Advertising Disclosure page.

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