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The Best Online MPH Programs in Florida: 2024 Edition

If you want to level up your healthcare career or pivot into the field, you’re in the right place. This guide details the best online MPH programs in Florida, including their cost and financial aid options.

Author: Angela Myers

Editor: Mikalee Byerman

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Zach Lowenstein wanted to make an impact on the environment and public health, so he pursued a master’s in public health at the University of Florida. After graduating, he got a job for the EPA, cleaning up water in rural communities in the South.

If you’re like Zach and also want to make an impact in an in-demand field, a master’s in public health, commonly called an MPH, is a rewarding option. This is typically a two-year degree that focuses on the interdisciplinary nature of healthcare. It often covers the administrative side of healthcare and gives students the chance to explore specializations, such as environmental science and epidemiology.

For those who want to add convenience to their MPH and lower the cost, a virtual option may be the best fit. To help, we’ve rounded up the best online MPH programs in Florida, as well as the different MPH program types, predicted program costs, and scholarships specific to the state. Keep reading to learn more about this valuable degree that will lay the foundation for a meaningful career.

Exploring Florida’s Online MPH Programs More Closely

When searching online MPH programs in Florida, it can be difficult to find the “best” program; after all, the best option for you depends entirely on your specific career goals and lifestyle. However, there are some objective measures of a high-quality program, such as a flexible learning format, accreditation from the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH), and availability of a variety of MPH specializations. The programs below stood out in terms of all three and are a great quality barometer for your search.

University of Southern Florida

When exploring online MPH programs in Florida, check out the University of Southern Florida. Compared to other programs, the University of Southern Florida offers a wide variety of concentrations, including Epidemiology, Global Disaster Management, Humanitarian Relief & Homeland Security Health, Safety & Environment, Infection Control, Nutrition and Dietetics, Public Health Practice, and Social Marketing.

For all concentrations, classes look at healthcare issues from many angles, including cultural, socio-economic, ethical, and scientific perspectives. Because of this interdisciplinary focus, this program is an ideal option for those who want to understand multiple facets of healthcare. Each concentration also includes an experiential learning component, which is completed in person with a community partner.

Other than the experiential learning experience, the rest of the degree can be completed online using technology like blogs, wikis, podcasting, discussion forums, web conferencing, and streaming media. You’ll pay $525 per credit whether you live in Florida or elsewhere.

University of Florida

The online MPH at the University of Florida is a stand-out program in terms of academics and flexibility. Because many of the students in this program work full time, the entire degree can be completed virtually, and no campus visits are required. For added convenience, all lectures are recorded, and students watch them on their own time instead of at a set class time.

In the first few semesters, students take foundational courses in epidemiology, statistics for health, environmental health, and the psychological and social factors of healthcare. They also take an overview course of the U.S. healthcare system. After completing these general courses, the rest of the degree is devoted to a student’s concentration. Specialization options include Public Health Practice or Social and Behavioral Science.

To graduate, students must also complete a capstone or experiential learning credit, which can be completed online or in person but must involve a community partner. Because this program offers more advanced coursework, it’s recommended for those who already have experience and education in the healthcare field instead of applicants who are new to the industry.

Florida International University

Another high-quality online MPH programs in Florida is hosted at Florida International University. This 45-credit degree offers a broad overview of the healthcare field, along with opportunities to explore students’ specific interests through elective courses.

Unlike other MPH programs in Florida, FIU doesn’t offer concentrations. Instead, all students pursue a general degree with the option to tailor electives and their practicum to their professional interests. While all courses can be taken online, the practicum must be completed in person; the practicum requirement is waived for students with three years of work experience.

Along with electives and the practicum, all students complete coursework in epidemiology, global health, health policy, community health, health management, and health promotion communication. To make their program more affordable, Florida International University offers numerous scholarships, including options specifically for online MPH students. Tuition for online students is $600 per credit, regardless of residency status.

Various Online MPH Programs Offered in Florida

Through your research into online MPH programs in Florida, you’ll find many varieties available to you, and it’s important to explore your options so you choose the right one for your lifestyle and professional goals. Keep in mind: Some MPH programs may fall under multiple categories outlined below, and any MPH program you apply to should be accredited and within your budget.

Accelerated Online MPH Programs in FL

A typical MPH degree takes about two years to complete. If spending two more years in school doesn’t sound appealing, an accelerated degree could be a good fit. In an accelerated MPH program, students take more courses each semester and typically graduate within one year. Often, these programs are designed for working professionals, meaning course times are during the evenings or offered asynchronously online. For a better idea of what an accelerated program looks like, check out this option from the University of Miami.

Accredited Online MPH Programs in FL

As previously noted, all online MPH programs you apply to should be accredited, which may be the most important takeaway from this guide. When looking at accreditation, ensure that the university has regional or national accreditation first. After, check that the MPH program is accredited by CEPH — like you’ll find for the programs at University of West Florida and Nova Southeastern University. Without the right accreditation, an MPH won’t be recognized by employers and other academic institutions. Every program we’ve mentioned in this guide is CEPH accredited.

Affordable Online MPH Programs in FL

Cost is a huge factor for many master’s students, and you should find an affordable MPH program that fits within your budget. When assessing cost, explore tuition and fees as well as any financial aid opportunities the school may have. Florida International University, for example, offers scholarships specifically for online MPH students, while the University of Southern Florida offers one of the lowest tuition rates in the state.

If you’re a Florida resident, keep in mind that in-state tuition is often more affordable than the cost at private institutions or schools in other states. You should also consider how attending an online program eliminates transportation costs and some student fees.

Dual-Degree Online MPH Programs in FL

Healthcare intersects with many other fields, meaning an MPH lends itself well to dual degrees. The most common dual-degree options for MPH students include nursing, social work, business administration, and medicine. Each option requires a different educational background and leads to different career opportunities.

An MBA/MPH dual-degree holder, for example, may work in the administrative side of healthcare, while someone with an MSN/MPH may work as a nursing manager and provide direct patient care as well as oversight to other nurses. One stand-out dual degree in Florida is the MPA/MPH program from the University of Miami.

No-GRE Online MPH Programs in FL

The GRE is a general exam used by some graduate schools to determine college readiness. If you have test-taking anxiety or don’t want to take the GRE, look for a no-GRE program. No-GRE MPH programsvary greatly in their academic offerings, though they all share one common trait: GRE scores aren’t factored into admission decisions. Instead, students are assessed based on previous education and work experience, essays, and letters of recommendation.

The University of Florida is one such school that doesn’t require a GRE; in fact, its admissions page notes that the selection committee looks holistically at applications, placing emphasis on the student’s stated professional interest in healthcare.

Promising Public Health Careers in Florida

Getting an MPH can boost your career, but expected salaries can vary greatly by industry, location, and job type. For a better idea about healthcare careers in Florida, explore the three common fields below as well as specific job titles that MPH graduates are often suited to fill.


Perhaps the most obvious industry for MPH grads is healthcare. This degree opens doors to plenty of healthcare careers, such as serving as a health manager at a larger hospital, a practice administrator, or a medical scientist.

Depending on the type of career you’re interested in, you might need a specialized concentration, such as an MPH with a specialization in epidemiology. Other jobs, such as working as a lead surgeon or a nursing manager, also require additional healthcare degrees on top of an MPH.

Job Title FL Median Salary
FL Projected Growth
FL Projected Annual
Openings (2023-25)
Epidemiologist $91,220



Medical Scientist $100,890


Medical and Health Services Manager $104,310



FL Median Salary (2023) $91,220
FL Projected Growth (2023-25) 6.7%
FL Projected Annual Openings (2023-25) 30
Medical Scientist
FL Median Salary (2023) $100,890
FL Projected Growth (2023-25) 11.5%
FL Projected Annual Openings (2023-25) 420
Healthcare Manager
FL Median Salary (2023) $104,310
FL Projected Growth (2023-25) 10.1%
FL Projected Annual Openings (2023-25) 4,500

Source(s): O*NET OnLine, 2023; Projections Central, 2023

Environmental Science

One of the fastest-growing fields for employment nationwide is environmental science. MPH grads are well positioned to enter this field thanks to their background in how the environment impacts our health. While some MPH grads with this specialization address climate change concerns directly, others work to improve occupational safety or safety in public spaces.

If you enjoy solving complex problems with many stakeholders in an environmental context, you may enjoy working in this industry. It’s also a great job for anyone who completes a more technical or statistics-heavy MPH, as many environmental science roles require these skills.

Job Title FL Median Salary
FL Projected Growth
FL Projected Annual
Openings (202325)
Occupational Health and Safety Specialists $66,510



Compliance Officer $68,710


Health and Safety Engineers $94,310



Occupational Health and Safety Specialists
FL Median Salary (2023) $66,510
FL Projected Growth (2023-25) 8.3%
FL Projected Annual Openings (2023-25) 900
Compliance Officer
FL Median Salary (2023) $68,710
FL Projected Growth (2023-25) 5.0%
FL Projected Annual Openings (2023-25) 3,460
Health and Safety Engineers
FL Median Salary (2023) $94,310
FL Projected Growth (2023-25) 6.2%
FL Projected Annual Openings (2023-25) 110

Source(s): O*NET OnLine, 2023; Projections Central, 2023


Earning an MPH means you’ll gain expertise in healthcare, making MPH grads perfect candidates for many educational positions. Health educators can work in many sectors, including community education about healthcare, working with individuals one on one, or teaching courses at higher education institutions.

This career path is ideal for anyone who enjoys spending time with others, is interested in teaching pedagogy as well as health, and those who are excellent communicators. It’s an impactful field, though salaries are lower than in healthcare, environmental science, and some other fields.

Job Title FL Median Salary
FL Projected Growth
FL Projected Annual
Openings (202325)
Health Educator $51,250



Health Specialties Teacher, Postsecondary $86,800


Community Health Worker $42,980



Health Educator
FL Median Salary (2023) $51,250
FL Projected Growth (2023-25) 4.7%
FL Projected Annual Openings (2023-25) 450
Health Specialties Teacher, Postsecondary
FL Median Salary (2023) $86,800
FL Projected Growth (2023-25) 7.9%
FL Projected Annual Openings (2023-25) 1,040
Community Health Worker
FL Median Salary (2023) $42,980
FL Projected Growth (2023-25) 7.5%
FL Projected Annual Openings (2023-25) 320

Source(s): O*NET OnLine, 2023; Projections Central, 2023

The Price of an Online MPH in Florida

Earning a master’s degree can be an expensive goal, but the return on your investment can be significant. Before you begin any online MPH program, it’s important to understand how much the program will cost and to have a plan for how to pay your tuition throughout your program of study.

When conducting your research and investigating individual school estimates, remember that you’ll typically see estimated tuition costs. On top of tuition, many schools charge student fees and distance learning fees. Students are also responsible for living costs and buying any necessary course materials. Fortunately, online programs cut out transportation costs and often come with lower overall fees.

As you’re applying for different MPH programs in Florida, consider the overall cost of the program and budgeting hacks you can implement to ease financial stress. These could include eliminating unnecessary subscriptions, looking for a part-time job that fits around class times, and creating a spending tracker so you know where your money is going.

To give you an idea of the range of tuition costs you can expect, find three of our spotlight programs below, as well as an estimated degree cost that includes tuition only.

School Program No. of Credits Est. Resident Tuition
University of Southern Florida Master of Public Health, Public Health Practice



University of West Florida Master of Public Health


Florida International University Master of Public Health



University of Southern Florida
Program Master of Public Health, Public Health Practice
No. of Credits 42
Est. Resident Tuition $22,050
University of West Florida
Program Master of Public Health
No. of Credits 42
Est. Resident Tuition $16,153.20
Florida International University
Program Master of Public Health
No. of Credits 45
Est. Resident Tuition $27,000

Financial Aid for Florida MPH Students

While getting an MPH can be expensive, financial aid can lower the cost. Aid available to online public health master’s students includes scholarships/grants, fellowships, work-study programs, and graduate research assistantships. If you plan to work full time while attending school, your employer may also have a reimbursement program to offset the cost of your master’s.

When looking at opportunities, national scholarships and fellowships are great options, but they can be quite competitive. To maximize your chances of receiving financial aid, apply for state-specific or major-specific opportunities, too.

Some of the best financial aid opportunities for public health master’s students in Florida include:

As part of your MPH application process, set aside time each week to explore and apply to different financial aid sources. Often, getting financial aid is a numbers game, meaning you ‘ll have to fill out more than a few scholarship applications to improve your odds.