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Essential Scholarships and Resources for STEM Master’s Students

It’s widely known that STEM degrees are highly sought after and can ensure your employability post-college. A master’s degree in a STEM field only makes you more desirable in the job market. These scholarships and resources for STEM graduate students make earning a master’s even more affordable and easy.

Author: James Mielke

Editor: Staff Editor

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Two engineers, a man and a woman, collaborate on assembling robotics in a workshop. the man is operating a device while the woman looks on intently, pointing at a component.

STEM – the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math – comprises some of the fastest-growing college degrees. From data science to software development, students are ditching the humanities in favor of STEM disciplines because of the strong and consistent job market. As a result, STEM master’s degree enrollment has more than doubled over the past 15 years, making the need for STEM graduate scholarships evident.

Scholarships are often a vital part of the grad school experience because of the impact that they can have on your overall debt and finances. For STEM students, these awards not only provide money but also offer access to mentorship programs, research opportunities, and a host of professional development resources. This page spotlights STEM scholarships for grad students that you can apply for now, and provides steps to consider when crafting scholarship your applications to increase your chances of winning. Finally, check out the lengthy list of resources for STEM graduate students to help increase your master’s degree success.

30 STEM Scholarships You Can Apply for Now

Just as STEM scholarships cover an expansive range of disciplines, including the core topics of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, STEM scholarship opportunities are often designated for specific student groups. From scholarships for women to those for students of color, STEM scholarships help stimulate diversity in math, science, technology, and engineering fields.

The following section highlights 30 STEM scholarships in various areas. It covers scholarships for women, minorities, and those in the LGBTQIA+ community while also covering more general STEM scholarships available to all grad students. Keep scrolling to review STEM scholarships and find out how to land a lucrative STEM award.

STEM Scholarships for Women

ACM SIGHPC/Intel Computational and Data Science Fellowships

Created to expand representation in the field of data science, this scholarship offers up to $15,000 annually for up to two years. Applicants must be enrolled or enrolling in a graduate program in data science and submit a nomination, CV, and short endorsement from a current or former instructor.

  • Scholarship amount: $15,000
  • Available to Graduate Students: Yes
  • Deadline: Varies

BHW Scholarship

The BHW Scholarship is an annual award for women working toward an undergraduate or graduate degree in STEM. Available for bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral students, applicants must submit a short essay about their interest in app technology.

  • Scholarship Amount: $3,000
  • Available for Graduate Students: Yes
  • Deadline: Annually every spring

Google Women in Gaming

Google’s Women in Gaming scholarship offers a generous $10,000 award designed to expand women’s representation in gaming. Applicants must be enrolled as full-time students studying video game programming, game engineering, or a related field. Additionally, applicants must have a strong academic record and demonstrate financial need.

  • Scholarship Amount: $10,000
  • Available for Graduate Students: Yes
  • Deadline: Varies

Google’s Women Techmakers Scholars Program

Google supplies the Women Techmakers Scholars initiative that offers a generous $10,000 award each year. Applicants must be women based in the U.S. or Canada and enrolled as full-time students. Successful applicants typically demonstrate high academic achievement and leadership skills. Scholarship applicants must be tackling a degree in computer science or a related field.

  • Scholarship Amount: $10,000
  • Available for Graduate Students: Yes
  • Deadline: Annually in December

Ralph W. Shrader Graduate Diversity Scholarship

Offered through the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association, the Ralph W. Shrader Graduate Diversity Scholarship provides a generous annual award to women and minority grad students in STEM. Applicants must be current students at accredited colleges or universities and submit academic transcripts, a personal essay, and two letters of recommendation.

  • Scholarship Amount: $3,000+
  • Available for Graduate Students: Yes
  • Deadline: Varies

SAE Women-in-Automotive Scholarship

Supported by Android Auto, this scholarship was created to support women pursuing a software, electronics, electrical, mechatronics, or related engineering degree who aspire to work in the automotive industry. Applicants must have a 3.5 GPA; be attending an accredited program; include two letters of recommendation, show examples of STEM studies or coursework applicable to the automotive industry; and demonstrate a commitment to leading women in engineering and STEM through school-related activities.

  • Scholarship Amount: $5,000
  • Available for Graduate Students: Yes
  • Deadline: February

Society of Women Engineers Scholarships

The Society of Women Engineers is home to multiple scholarships seeking to financially support students who identify as women. Applicants can be associate, bachelor’s, or graduate students and must be preparing for careers in engineering. Applicants must also enroll or plan to enroll as full-time degree-seekers and submit academic transcripts.

  • Scholarship Amount: Varies
  • Available for Graduate Students: Yes
  • Deadline: Varies

STEM Scholarships for Minorities

Aerospace Career Enhancement (ACE) Scholarship

Among the American Indian Graduate Center’s scholarships is their Aerospace Career Enhancement (ACE) award. This award is offered in partnership with the Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace (SPEEA) and provides two $5,000 scholarships each year. In addition to prioritizing academic achievement, applicants must be descendants or members of a recognized American Indian Tribe or Alaska Native group.

  • Scholarship Amount: $5,000
  • Available for Graduate Students: Yes
  • Deadline: Varies

AISES ARDC Scholarship Program

Offered by the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES), this $5,000 annual scholarship is available for students tackling degrees spanning from associate to master’s degrees. Applicants must study STEM fields like electrical and mechanical engineering.

  • Scholarship Amount: $5,000
  • Available for Graduate Students: Yes
  • Deadline: May 31, 2023

Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship Program

Offered through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship program fosters a STEM environment rooted in diversity, equity, and inclusion. This scholarship offers financial support for master’s and doctoral students studying fields like oceanography, marine biology, and maritime archaeology. In addition to offering letters of recommendation and research proposals, applicants must document financial need.

  • Scholarship Amount: Varies
  • Available for Graduate Students: Yes
  • Deadline: Annually in December

Generation Google Scholarship

The Generation Google Scholarship seeks to expand academic access to underrepresented groups. Prospective scholarship recipients must enroll or plan to enroll in computer science or computer engineering programs at the undergraduate or graduate level. In addition to providing FAFSA information, applicants must come from underrepresented groups, including people of color and individuals with disabilities.

  • Scholarship Amount: $10,000
  • Available for Graduate Students: Yes
  • Deadline: Varies

National Society of Black Engineers Scholarship

The National Society of Black Engineers offers an annual scholarship designed to expand academic access and career advancement for Black students. Available to both undergraduate and graduate students, applicants can apply online and must submit a verified GPA.

  • Scholarship Amount: Varies
  • Available for Graduate Students: Yes
  • Deadline: June 30, 2023

STEM Scholarships for LGBTQIA+

Edie Windsor Coding Scholarship

Ideal for students wanting to hone their coding skills and advance their career prospects, the Edie Windsor Coding Scholarship helps cover up to half the cost of this coding boot camp. Applicants must intend to enroll in a coding boot camp and identify as a nonbinary student or an LGBTQ+ woman.

  • Scholarship Amount: Up to 50% of tuition
  • Available for Graduate Students: Yes
  • Deadline: Varies

eQuality Scholarship for Medical Students

The eQuality Scholarship for Medical Students offers a scholarship earmarked for current and future medical students enrolling in California-based medical schools. Those reviewing applications typically prioritize students who can demonstrate economic hardship. Successful applicants demonstrate strong academic performance, leadership skills, and extensive experience advocating for the LGBTQIA+ communities.

  • Scholarship Amount: $6,000
  • Available for Graduate Students: Yes
  • Deadline: TBA

NOGLSTP is Out to Innovate Scholarship

Established in 2011 by the National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals (NOGLSTP), this scholarship is available to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing STEM degrees. Applicants should have at least a 2.75 GPA and document participation in groups advocating for LGBTQIA+ issues.

  • Scholarship Amount: Up to $5,000
  • Available for Graduate Students: Yes
  • Deadline: June 2023

Pride in Diversity Scholarship

The Pride in Diversity Scholarship offers financial assistance to students pursuing degrees in STEM. This award is designed to help offset the cost of both tuition and medical fees related to transitions as well as other financial challenges. Applicants must submit a short video outlining their relationship to the STEM and LGBTQIA+ communities.

  • Scholarship Amount: $2,500
  • Available for Graduate Students: Yes
  • Deadline: October 2023

Sikora Drake STEM Scholarship

The Sikora Drake STEM Scholarship helps fund underrepresented students, including those in the LGBTQIA+ communities. Additionally, this award is available to women, first-generation students, and members of BIPOC communities. Those interested in applying must submit a short essay showcasing their interest in STEM.

  • Scholarship Amount: $3,000
  • Available for Graduate Students: Yes
  • Deadline: Varies

General STEM Scholarships

American Association of University Women Career Development Grants

The American Association of University Women offers a generous award to women with bachelor’s degrees preparing for graduate-level education in STEM fields. Applicants must document financial need and provide letters of recommendation, a completed application, and a personal essay.

  • Scholarship Amount: $2,000-$20,000
  • Available for Graduate Students: Yes
  • Deadline: Varies

British American Foundation of Texas Graduate Awards

This award is earmarked for graduate students from the United Kingdom or Texas who plan to pursue a graduate degree in STEM. Applicants must plan to enroll as full-time students and maintain 3.5 GPAs. Applicants must submit a transcript, personal essay, letters of recommendation, and documentation of financial need.

  • Scholarship Amount: Varies
  • Available for Graduate Students: Yes
  • Deadline: March 31, 2023

DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship

Funded through the U.S. Department of Energy, this graduate fellowship offers annual funding for students planning to conduct graduate-level research in STEM fields. This fellowship targets doctoral research in areas like math, statistics, and computer science.

  • Scholarship Amount: $45,000
  • Available for Graduate Students: Yes
  • Deadline: Varies

STEM Scholarships Etc.

AREMA Educational Foundation Scholarships

The American Railway Engineering and Maintenance Association offers an annual scholarship for both undergraduate and graduate engineering students. Alongside a completed application, applicants must have minimum 2.5 GPAs and, if selected, interview with the scholarship committee. Additionally, applicants must be current students in an accredited engineering program.

  • Scholarship Amount: Up to $2,500
  • Available for Graduate Students:
  • Deadline: December 2023

IEEE Charles LeGeyt Fortescue Scholarship

The Charles LeGeyt Fortescue Scholarship has a long history of providing generous funding to graduate students in electrical engineering. Eligible applicants must hold bachelor’s degrees in electrical engineering and be enrolled or admitted as first-year grad students. Applications must include three letters of recommendation from instructors or professionals with knowledge of their skills as electrical engineers.

  • Scholarship Amount: $24,000+
  • Available for Graduate Students: Yes
  • Deadline: Varies

Marjorie Roy Rothermel Scholarship

Offered to students enrolled in a graduate mechanical engineering program, the Marjorie Roy Rothermel Scholarship is provided through the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). With funds exceeding $3,000, this generous award is earmarked for ASME members. Applicants can apply online and must include academic letters of recommendation.

  • Scholarship Amount: $3,000
  • Available for Graduate Students:
  • Deadline: February

SAE Doctoral Engineering Scholarship

The Society of Automotive Engineers offers an annual scholarship for doctoral engineering students. This award is intended for graduate students who plan to teach in higher education. Past award winners typically demonstrate high academic achievement and leadership skills, and applicants must include two recommendation letters and academic transcripts.

  • Scholarship Amount: $15,000+
  • Available for Graduate Students: Yes
  • Deadline: February

SWCS Kenneth E. Grant Research Scholarship

Established in 1978, the Kenneth E. Grant Research Scholarship is awarded through the Soil and Water Conservation Society (SWCS). Applicants must be graduate students and members of the SWCS. Designed to help fund the research objectives of SWCS members, applicants must demonstrate competency in their field and provide references that can speak to their integrity and ability.

  • Scholarship Amount: $500
  • Available for Graduate Students: Yes
  • Deadline: March 31, 2023

20 STEM Resources You Need for Grad School

Securing funding for your graduate degree is vital. Once enrolled, though, you might find yourself looking for more than just financial support. From career services and internships to supportive groups of like-minded individuals, there are countless resources to help you make the most of your graduate school experience. Keep reading as we spotlight 20 STEM resources for graduate students below.

  • Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology: This group, also known as ABET, accredits engineering programs. If you’re on the hunt for standout programs, this is a solid first resource.
  • American Chemical Society: The American Chemical Society is a professional organization for chemical engineers and offers extensive internship, academic, and professional resources for grad students.
  • American Indian Science and Engineering Society: AISES offers extensive academic, professional, career, and scholarship support for AAPI individuals in STEM.
  • American Mathematical Society: This group is dedicated to math research and scholarship while offering extensive research and internship opportunities.
  • American Institute of Physics: This group is dedicated to the field of physics and acts as a clearinghouse for internship opportunities for grad students.
  • Association for Women in Science: The AWIS not only advocates for women in science but offers an extensive database of featured STEM jobs.
  • Black Data Processing Associates: This international organization seeks to create a more diverse future for the IT field. Through technical development programs for students at all levels, BDPA has numerous chapters and offers scholarships.
  • Blacks in Technology: This non-profit is a community and media group seeking to expand Black representation in technology. It also offers a job board and has numerous local chapters.
  • iBiology: This site offers free open-access educational content for biology students. Additionally, it provides free videos focusing on career advancement and development.
  • Lesbians Who Tech: This organization offers a safe space for tech-centric LGBTQ women, non-binary, trans, and their allies. It seeks to expand representation and holds an annual summit each summer.
  • LGBTQ in Technology: This site facilitates Slack chat spaces where LGBTQ individuals in tech can offer support and networking opportunities.
  • National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering: The NACME is a group that advocates for minorities in engineering while promoting their research. The NACME also posts job and internship opportunities.
  • National Society of Black Engineers: This professional organization has a history of supporting Black engineers while promoting engineering excellence and expanding access to STEM for young Black students.
  • The Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network: NTEN envisions a world where organizations can thrive through an equitable use of technology. NTEN offers extensive training to help facilitate diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Pathways to Science: This site publishes hundreds of research opportunities for STEM students each year.
  • Podcast – Women in STEM – Career and Confidence with Dr. Hannah Roberts: This podcast podcast is for women working in STEM fields who want to find their confidence, make meaningful strides in their careers, and balance the things that mean the most to them.
  • Science Careers: Offered through the journal Science, this site is home to numerous job postings as well as research publications and employer profiles.
  • She Sciences: Authored by a female engineering student to support women in STEM, this non-profit blog helps them navigate the academic STEM world and its resulting careers.
  • Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science: From college students to professionals, SACNAS fosters success and representation in STEM. This group offers conferences, meetings, and leadership programs for members.
  • Wonder Women Tech: WWT was created to enhance the representation and visibility of women, BIPOC, and other underrepresented groups in tech. In addition to conferences, workshops, and job postings, WWT offers various networking opportunities.

10 Expert Secrets for Landing a Grad School Scholarship for STEM

While reviewing our lengthy list of scholarships, you likely saw a few that seem like a good fit. So, what’s next? The application process can feel daunting, but we’ve got you covered. The following section provides tips to help you land a STEM scholarship as a grad student.

Tip #1 – Apply for Everything You Can

The more scholarships you apply for, the higher your chances of earning one. Period. While some niche scholarships aren’t bombarded with applications, those with ample funding are competitive. Because many scholarships are incredibly competitive, apply for everything possible. There’s a direct correlation between the number of applications you submit and your odds of securing funding.

Tip #2 – Look for New Opportunities

The world of scholarships for grad students is expansive and varied, but the work it takes scouring the internet for scholarships can pay off handsomely. Start with scholarship aggregating websites but also look toward professional organizations and businesses. Additionally, take the time to reach out to your school’s financial aid office for scholarship information.

Tip #3 – Apply for Scholarships with Intensive Application Processes

Scholarships with intensive application processes weed out applicants who can’t be bothered to put forth the effort. Sure, you can expect to write an essay, supply transcripts, record a video, submit letters of recommendation, and sit for an interview, but it might be worth it. Scholarships with rigorous selection processes are often more lucrative than those with more straightforward applications.

Tip #4 – Apply for Smaller Scholarships

The big scholarships offering tens of thousands of dollars get much attention but don’t sleep on smaller awards. Niche scholarships that aren’t massively funded often get overlooked because many applicants won’t think they’re worth the effort. Securing $500 and $1,000 awards can add up, though, and go a long way in easing the financial burden of grad school.

Tip #5 – Pay Attention to Detail

When completing your scholarship application, attention to detail is paramount. Spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, and omission of vital information can result in immediate rejection, even if you’re a standout candidate. Closely edit any written content and triple-check that you’ve included all the required information. It’s never a bad idea to have someone else review the application either.

Tip #6 – Focus on What Makes You Unique

Scholarships often have an essay section allowing you to detail your academic goals, career aspirations, and personal history. This is your chance to stand out. Academic transcripts, test scores, and recommendation letters are out of your control at this point, but an essay allows you to tell your story. Focus on what makes you unique and write a carefully crafted, well-edited essay.

Tip #7 – Keep it Professional

Even though you’ll likely have a chance to tell your story, be sure to use a tone and highlight content that’s professional rather than familiar. Additionally, “professional” also refers to form. An application devoid of mistakes and omissions tells a scholarship committee that you’re a serious applicant.

Tip #8 – Use Your Best References

While an essay lets you advocate for yourself, references writing letters of recommendation can explain why they think you’re worthy of the scholarship. For this reason, choose references with direct knowledge about you, your skills, and your goals. Additionally, be sure to give your references information regarding the scholarship along with ample time to craft their responses.

Tip #9 – Submit Your Application Early

If you plan to submit your application early, you give yourself enough time to ensure an application is thorough and thoughtfully crafted. Working on an application against a tight deadline is a recipe for mistakes that can result in rejection. Additionally, beginning the application process early ensures you can meet the application deadline. Finally, it doesn’t hurt to have your application toward the top of the pile, even if they aren’t reviewed until the deadline.

Tip #10 – Express Your Gratitude

There’s not much worse than an application that reeks of entitlement, suggesting that you somehow deserve what amounts to a financial gift. Instead, expressing thanks for the opportunity and recognizing your place among a field of worthy scholarship applicants can go a long way. There’s no downside to crafting an application that exudes gratitude and humility.