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50+ Nursing Scholarships & Resources for Online MSN Students

While nursing is a lucrative career, the required education can be expensive. This list of 50+ nursing scholarships and resources can help you fund your MSN degree and graduate with less debt.

Author: Bernard Grant

Editor: Mikalee Byerman

A female healthcare professional wearing glasses and a stethoscope is working on a laptop in a well-lit office.

You’ve likely chosen to become a nurse because you’re adept at navigating challenges and fulfilled by caring for people. But you’re not immune to stress, and paying for your education — especially graduate school — can feel overwhelming. Graduate nursing students carry an average of $40,000 to $54,999 in student loan debt after graduating, which can feel like an impossible burden when you’re facing the prospects of an already stressful career.

So if you’re a student with ambitious nursing goals who also finds yourself shouldering a ton of financial fear, this guide was made just for you. You know it’s important to find and apply for scholarships, grants, and other financial resources that will help alleviate your financial fears, but sometimes, the biggest obstacle is simply figuring out where to look.

That’s why we’ve created this guide to ease your mind and possibly fill your educational bank account:In it, you’ll find a massive list of 30 scholarships and 20 grants opportunities designed exclusively for nursing students like you. Keep reading to explore a range of financial gifts for which you can apply and remove one source of stress from your educational to-do list.

30 Nursing Scholarships & Fellowships for MSN Students

Thinking of pursuing a master’s in nursing, but worried about costs? Explore these 30 scholarships and fellowships designed for nursing students pursuing master’s degrees. Below, you’ll find awards made exclusively to nursing students, with subgroupings dedicated to scholarships without a GPA requirement, those designed for specific subspecialties, and scholarships for minority nursing students.

General Nursing Scholarships

NurseThink AACN Scholarship

  • Amount: Varies
  • Eligibility: The NurseThink – AACN scholarship support master’s and doctoral students in nursing programs at AACN member institutions who want to become nurse faculty.

TYLENOL Future Care Scholarship

  • Amount: Varies
  • Eligibility: The TYLENOL Future Care Scholarship is awarded each year to deserving students who are pursuing healthcare careers. For over 30 years, this scholarship has supported those who dedicate their lives to caring for others.

No-GPA Nursing Scholarships

APIC Graduate Student Award

  • Amount: $5,000
  • Eligibility: This award supports master’s or doctoral research that advances infection prevention and evidence-based implementation science. Awards go to applicants who demonstrate the value of implementation science and its implications for infection prevention across clinical settings.

Army Nurse Corps Association (ANCA) Scholarships

  • Amount: $3,000
  • Eligibility: The Army Nurse Corps Association Scholarship program provides $3,000 to nursing students enrolled in nursing anesthesia programs. This includes master’s (MSN) students. Applicants must be currently enrolled in a nursing program and have a parent, spouse, or child who is or has served in the Army, Army National Guard, or Army Reserve.

ExceptionalNurse.com Scholarships

Amount: Varies

  • Eligibility: This site features seven different scholarships that benefit nursing students with disabilities. The Peter Gili Scholarship Award, for example, grants $500, while the Caroline Simpson Maheady Scholarship Award grants $250.

March of Dimes Graduate Nursing Scholarship

Amount: $10,000

  • Eligibility: Founded in 1998, the March of Dimes Graduate Nursing Scholarship awards $10,000 in scholarship funds to graduate nursing students who ensure that mothers and babies receive the best medical care while improving health equity.

NHSC Scholarship Program

  • Amount: Varies
  • Eligibility: These scholarships are open to U.S. citizens, whether born or naturalized, who have been accepted or are enrolled in a nursing degree program at an accredited United States school of nursing — including graduate programs.

Nurse Practitioner Health Foundation (NPHF) Scholarships

Amount: Varies

  • Eligibility: NPHF scholarships support nurse practitioner graduate students and clinicians by providing funds for research that advances clinical practice and patient education. In 2023, the program offered awards for gastroenterology and community service, with the aim to encourage research and innovation and to help graduate students earn their degrees.

Nursing Educational Funds, Inc., Scholarships

  • Amount: $50,000
  • Eligibility: Nurses Educational Funds, Inc., presents a variety of scholarship awards for nursing graduate students, including the Edwidge Thomas Health Equity Scholarship (funded by Johnson and Johnson), the Allison Adams Wieczorek Scholarship, the AJN/Thelma Schoor Scholarship, the Barbara L. Tate Scholarship, and the Charles Hamlin Scholarship.

The Touchmark Foundation Nursing Scholarship

  • Amount: Varies
  • Eligibility: The Touchmark Foundation aims to increase the number of nursing teachers, thereby increasing the number of nurses at a faster rate. The scholarship particularly favors applicants pursuing geriatric nursing studies and is available to students living in one of 11 qualifying states and provinces, including Minnesota, Oregon, and Alberta, Canada.

Washington State Opportunity Graduate Scholarship

  • Amount: Varies
  • Eligibility: The Washington State Graduate Scholarship is open to Opportunity Scholars who plan to earn an advanced nurse practitioner degree. The scholarship program was designed to increase the amount of nurse practitioners who provide healthcare in medically underserved areas and offers pathways to high-demand careers in Washington State for Washingtonians. Most scholarship recipients are first-generation students, students of color, and women.

WOCN Society Accredited Educational Scholarship

  • Amount: $2,000
  • Eligibility: This program awards $2,000 to nurses who want to attend one of the Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nurses Society Accredited Educational Programs. Applicants must be seeking education in wound, ostomy, and continence nursing care and hold membership with the WOCN Society. In addition to completing an application, applicants must submit three letters of recommendation.

Scholarships for Different Nursing Specializations

American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) Scholarships

  • Amount: Varies
  • Eligibility: These scholarships are designed for students enrolled in accredited graduate schools who are pursuing advanced degrees to become nurse practitioners. Applicants must hold their RN licenses and have at least one semester of classes left to complete in an eligible nurse practitioner program. Scholarship winners receive between $2,500 and $5,000 in funding.

ANNA Career Mobility Scholarships

  • Amount: Varies
  • Eligibility: These scholarships are awarded to qualified American Nephrology Nurse Association members pursing advanced degrees in nursing. Also open to undergraduate nursing students, this scholarship program includes seven mobility career scholarships to a variety of nursing specializations, including nephrology. Applicants must have been accepted or enrolled in a higher degree program in nursing.

AORN Foundation Academic Scholarship

  • Amount: Varies
  • Eligibility: Awarded by the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) Foundation, recipients are nursing students who are pursuing careers in perioperative/surgical nursing. The scholarship is also available to registered nurses, including master’s students, who are continuing their education in perioperative nursing. Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and must have an interest in surgical nursing.

Association of Rehabilitation Nurses (ARN) Graduate School Scholarship

  • Amount: $1,500
  • Eligibility: The ARN Graduate School Scholarship grants financial assistance to nursing students pursuing a master’s degree (MSN) or doctoral degree (PhD, DNP, DNS/DNSc) in rehabilitation nursing. The scholarship is designed for applicants who are enrolled in graduate nursing programs in good standing. Applicants must have completed at least one course in their program and have a minimum of two years of experience in rehabilitation nursing.

Health Professional Scholarship Program (HPSP)

  • Amount: Varies
  • Eligibility: The HPSP program awards financial assistance to students training as nurse practitioners who specialize in mental health. The award pays tuition and approved fees as well as a monthly stipend of $1,302 each month and an additional book stipend that covers the costs of learning materials.

NAPNAP Empowering Diversity Scholarship

Amount: $3,000

  • Eligibility: The National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP) Foundation offers $3,000 diversity scholarships for educational expenses in a pediatric nurse practitioner (PNP) program. Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.0, be a member of a historically marginalized community, and have earned acceptance into a part-time or full-time accredited PNP program.

Oncology Nursing Foundation Master’s Scholarships

  • Amount: $5,000
  • Eligibility: Applicants must be enrolled in, accepted to, or have applied to master’s programs at an accredited intuition while maintaining good academic standing. A commitment to oncology is also required, and applicants must be registered nurses to earn a scholarship.

Nursing Economics Foundation Scholarships

  • Amount: Varies
  • Eligibility: The University of Chicago’s College of Nursing awards scholarships to nursing students in master’s or doctoral programs who specialize in administration or management for the upcoming school year. Applicants must submit transcripts, test scores, a resume, and an application, and must be matriculated into an accredited, degree granting program within the U.S.

Scholarships for Minority Nursing Students

AAPINA Scholarship

  • Amount: $500
  • Eligibility: The Asian American/Pacific Islander Nursing Association (AAPINA) awards this scholarship to an undergraduate or graduate student who is pursuing a nursing degree. The scholarship aims to support nursing education for AAPINA members, enhancing the organization’s core mission.

Black Nurses Rock Scholarship

  • Amount: $18,000
  • Eligibility: The Black Nurses Rock Scholarship aims to empower innovative nursing leaders who will serve and educate vulnerable communities. Applicants must be Black Nurses Rock members and be enrolled in a nursing program with a GPA of at least 3.0 and at least a year of school remaining.

HRSA Native Hawaiian Health Scholarship

  • Amount: Varies
  • Eligibility: The Health Resources and Services Administration gives scholarships to Native Hawaiians pursuing health disciplines, including nursing. The scholarship pays for tuition, provides a monthly stipend and covers school-related costs. Applicants must serve at least two years in a medically underserved area in Hawaii directly after graduation.

NSCDA American Indian Nurse Scholarship Program

Amount: $1,500

  • Eligibility: Established in 1928 by the National Society of The Colonial Dames of America, the American Indian Nurse Scholarship Program aims to give students of American Indian descent the opportunity to pursue nursing careers. Award winners agree to work to improve healthcare in their communities, including reservations and hospitals in areas largely populated by American Indians.

Hispanic Health Professional Student Scholarship

  • Amount: Varies
  • Eligibility: Established in 2004 by the National Hispanic Health Foundation (NHHF), the National Hispanic Health Professional Student Scholarship Program awards multiple scholarships of $5,000 annually for up to four years and individual scholarships, each worth $2,000. Nursing students are one of the five eligible healthcare groups. Applicants must demonstrate outstanding academic records, leadership, and a commitment to serving Hispanics.

Indian Health Service Scholarships

  • Amount: Varies
  • Eligibility: The Indian Health Service, a federal health program for American Indians and Alaska Natives, offers three scholarships, including the health professions scholarship for eligible graduate students. Scholarship recipients agree to work in a service commitment in a full-time clinical practice in exchange for financial support.

M. Elizabeth Carnegie African American Memorial Award

  • Amount: $2,000
  • Eligibility: The M. Elizabeth Carnegie African American Memorial Award gives a $2,000 scholarship for black nurses enrolled in doctoral programs. Academic excellence is given first priority during the selection process. To qualify, applicants must be registered nurses, a member of a professional nursing association, enrolled in a doctoral program in nursing with a GPA of at least 3.6, and hold U.S. citizenship (or have declared intention of becoming a citizen).

NAHN United Health Foundation Scholarship

  • Amount: Varies
  • Eligibility: This scholarship is awarded to nursing students who demonstrate promise of professional contributions to the field of nursing. Applicants must also have the potential to act as role models for aspiring nurses. The award amount varies each year because this award amount depends on the amount of money in the scholarship fund.

NBNA Scholarship Database

  • Amount: Varies
  • Eligibility: The National Black Nurses Association offers over two dozen annual scholarships to Black nurses. These awards include the NBNA Social Justic Scholarship, the United Health Foundation for Diversity in Health Care Scholarship, and the Aya Healthcare Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship. Applicants must be NBNA members to apply.

William K. Schubert Minority Nursing Scholarship

  • Amount: $2,750
  • Eligibility: The William K. Schubert Minority Nursing Scholarship awards $2,750 each year to students who are members of underrepresented groups in the nursing profession. Students must be enrolled or accepted into a prelicensure registered nurse program, whether pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

20 Nursing Grants for Online Students

Grants, like scholarships and fellowships, do not have to be paid back. But grants are distinct from scholarships and fellowships in that they are typically funded by government entities, non-profit organizations, and other private institutions such as corporations or foundations focused on a particular social cause.

While scholarships are also given by corporations and foundations, grants are typically awarded based on financial need, while scholarships are merit-based — meaning they are awarded based on academic achievements and extracurricular activities. Like scholarships, there are many grants available to nursing master’s students. Click on each link in the table to learn more about each grant, including eligibility requirements and upcoming deadlines.

Grant Amount

AANA General Research Grant

Advancing the science of anesthesia through education and research, this grant supports new and seasoned investigators in nurse anesthesia.


AAOHN Grants

The American Association of Occupational Health Nurses aims to advance knowledge in occupational and environmental health by awarding grants and scholarships to occupational and environmental health professionals who conduct ongoing education and research.


Addressing Cancer Health Disparities Through Evidence-Based Cancer Nursing Research

This grant supports oncology nursing research that addresses health disparities in breast, colorectal, lung, and prostate cancer, among other topic areas.


American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) Grant Program

Awardees may receive up to $5,000 in grant funding to promote evidence-based resources that support nurse practitioners of all specialties in all practice settings who drive innovation through research.


American Holistic Nurses Association Research Grants

This is a competitive research grant for AHNA members who conduct holistic nursing research that demonstrates advancing holistic nursing practices.


ANNA Clinical Practice Grants

The American Nephrology Nurses Association provides up to three grants to full members of ANNA who are actively involved in nephrology nursing healthcare services.

Up to $2,500

AORN Research Grants Program

Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) grants aim to promote diverse research topics and support scientifically rigorous investigations that advance perioperative nursing.


Connecticut Nurses’ Foundation’s Nursing Research Grant

The CNF Nursing Research Grant awards up to $1,000 to Connecticut residents who hold an RN, MSN, DNP, FNP, or PhD and are conducting or are developing research that applies to nursing-related issues.


ENA Foundation Research & Implementation Grants

The Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) Foundation offers multiple scholarships and grants — including research and implementation grants — in the discipline of emergency nursing.


Florida Nurses Foundation Research Grants

Florida nurses can apply to these grants to promote nursing and delivery of healthcare through the advancement of research, education, and practice.


Health Resources and Services Administration Nursing Grants

This list of 10 grants is dedicated to supporting nursing education and practice.


ISPN Foundation Joyce Fitzpatrick Psychiatric Nursing Research Grant

This research grant is awarded to one research study that supports psychiatric nursing research. Applicants must be graduate students or recent grads with a current registered nurse license.


MNF PhD Research Grants

Good for graduating master’s student who plan to pursue PhD degrees in Mississippi, this grant is for applicants who are currently enrolled and in good standing in a Mississippi PhD nursing program.


National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP) Foundation Grant

These grants support nursing research and clinical practice efforts that help improve the quality of life for children and their families, available to NAPNAP members.


National League for Nursing Education Grants

Nursing students can apply for grants to fund research activities that advance the goals of the National League for Nursing. This includes research that advances the science of nursing education and promotes evidence-based teaching.

Up to $30,000

Nurse Education Assistance Loan Program (NEALP)

NEALP provides financial assistance to Ohio students who intend to serve as nurses and practicing nurses who intend to serve as nurse instructors. Applicants must be enrolled in an approved Ohio nurse education program.

$1,650/year (students); $6,000/year (nurse instructors)

Penn Nursing Grant

This is awarded to full-time graduate students at Penn College of Nursing who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents.


Sigma Small Grants

Provides 10-15 annual grants to encourage nurses to contribute to the advancement of the field through critical research.


Sigma Theta Tau International/American Association of Critical Care Nurses Critical Care Grant

A single annual grant of $10,000 supports experienced nurses who are conducting clearly articulated research studies.


Workforce Shortage Student Assistance Grant Program

This grant is open to Maryland nursing students who maintain satisfactory academic progress standards of their institution. The amount awarded is dependent on enrollment status.

$2,000 – $4,000

Frequently Asked Questions About Nursing Scholarships

Are scholarships available to online or hybrid nursing students?

While there may not be many scholarships specifically designed for online and hybrid nursing students, most of the scholarships and grants listed above also apply to online and hybrid programs. Most of these awards are open to all students, regardless of whether they learn on campus or online.

So while you should carefully read the eligibility requirements of each scholarship that interests you before you apply, rest assured that if you’re an online or hybrid student, you are eligible for many — if not all — of the same grants, scholarships, and fellowships as in-person students.

Are there other financial aid options available for nurses?

Beyond the standard alternatives such as the FAFSA, financial aid is available to nursing students in various ways. Scholarships designed for nursing students are widely available, as are government grant and loan forgiveness programs. Additionally, many companies provide tuition reimbursement or other forms of academic financial assistance, especially in healthcare-related fields.

Online programs reduce costs for students by eliminating the need for transportation, making higher education more accessible to a wider group of future nurses. This format also caters to students who work while they study, another way to further reduce dependence on financial aid.

Is it difficult to secure a nursing scholarship?

Scholarships are competitive. This is especially true of nursing, where there are not enough spots to fill the demand of nursing students. However, one of the benefits of pursuing nursing is the sheer number of scholarships available for the profession. This increases your odds of qualifying for more aid — if, that is, you apply to multiple scholarship programs. Provide evidence of academic excellence or financial need, writing an admissions essay that meets all the qualifying requirements.

Is nursing school expensive?

The cost of nursing school varies widely between schools across the country. However, according to the latest graduate student debt report from American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 69% of all graduate nursing students took out student loans to fund their education, and the median amount of debt anticipated by graduate nursing students upon completion of their program ranged from $40,000 to $54,999.

The good news is that the average registered nurse (RN) earns a media pay of $81,220 annually — that’s $39.05 an hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What kinds of graduate certificates are available for nursing students?

Graduate certificates programs in nursing offer the specialized knowledge of the profession without the time/financial commitment inherent to a master’s degree. These certificates cover various topics that include nurse practitioner roles, healthcare administration, and nursing education.

For example, a nurse practitioner certificate provides a cost-effective path to career advancement, covering advanced clinical practice. A graduate certificate in nursing education prepares nursing professionals to teach and train fellow nurses.

Resources for Nursing Master’s Students

Nursing master’s students benefit from a variety of resources, from podcasts to nursing organizations and publications. Explore our curated list of resources that will enhance your academic and professional pursuits.

  • American Association of Colleges of Nursing
    This organization provides valuable resources for nursing students, including news, conferences, and webinars. AACN fosters excellence both in nurse education and practice.
  • Journal of Nursing Education
    This monthly, peer-reviewed journal, established over 60 years ago, publishes original articles for nurse education, providing new ideas for various nursing types and levels of nursing programs.
  • Johns Hopkins Nursing Magazine
    This magazine covers research and trends in healthcare and nursing, providing valuable insight, guidance, and a sense of connection and belonging for master’s students at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing.
  • Lippincott NursingCenter
    A hub for scholarly articles, clinical resources, and continuing education that empowers nursing master’s students with the necessary information to excel in their academic and professional journeys.
  • Medscape Nurses
    Medscape Nurses offers articles, clinical resources, and news that helps nursing master’s students stay informed about the field.
  • Nurse Keith’s Digital Doorway
    This podcast offers career advice and commentary on current healthcare news and trends for savvy 21st century nurses, hosted by Keith Carlon, a holistic nurse career coach.
  • Nurse.org
    This resource, built by nurses, offers education, career, and news resources to help nurses at any stage of their journey, including master’s students.
  • Notes on Nursing Live Podcast
    Notes on Nursing Live is a storytelling podcast that highlights nurses whose innovation and leadership drive transformational change in healthcare.
  • Sigma Nursing
    This honor society of nursing offers networking opportunities, research support, and other resources that foster excellence and leadership for nursing master’s students.
  • The FreshRN Podcast
    This podcast is hosted by experienced nurses offering advice on beginner nursing topics like orientation, code blues, time management, work-life balance, and tips for working night shifts.